Memphis Freight Houses

IC & SSW Calhoun St.
Freight House

MP Calhoun St.
Outbound Freight House

Frisco Calhoun St.
Freight House
(Need more info)
Calhoun Street was the most important street in Memphis for railroading. At one time or other, every major railroad had a passenger or freight presence on Calhoun Street. The first passenger station was even known as Calhoun Street Station. It was located where Centtral Station (aka Grand Central Station) is located. Union Station later was located on Calhoun 3 blocks east of Central Station. From west to east, the following freight houses and passenger stations were located along Calhoun Street: Frisco, Outbound Missouri Pacific, Inbound Missouri Pacific (originally St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern, joint Illinois Central-St. Louis Southwestern, Central Station (passenger), Nashville Chatanooga and St. Louis, Union Station (passenger), and Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Southern along with Louisville and Nashville had their freight houses elsewhere, but they used the passenger facilities along Calhoun Street at various times. The L&N, NC&StL and Frisco freight houses need further documentation. Please contact the webmaster if you have information about any of these or other Memphis freight houses. Below is a map of downtown Memphis shows the various passenger stations and freight houses.

11. CRI&P freight house
12. Union Passenger Station
13. NC&StL and L&N freight house
14. Iowa Ave. Engine Terminal
15. Grand Central Passenger Station
16. IC freight house(used by SSW)
17. MP freight houses
18. Frisco freight house
24. Southern freight house
25. Poplar Street Station
28. L&N freight house

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Freight houses that match the map above.

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