Jenny Lind Cemetery
Jenny Lind, AR

by Mike Condren

Mike Condren's 3 times Great Grandparents
This stone was provided by my father Stewart Condren less than 20 years ago.

Sarah L. Condren Yaden is the daughter of Stewart and Absilla Condren, Mike's Great Great Great Grandparents, and she is Mike's great great great grandaunt. Her husband, Jake Yadon, was the brother of Mary Jane Yadon Condren.

Alford is son of Stewart and Absilla Condren. Alford and Mary Jane Yadon Condren are Mike's Great Great Grandparents

J B is son of Alford and Mary Jane Yadon Condren and Mike's Greatgrandparents

Thomas is brother of J B Condren, son of Alford and Mary Jane Yadon Condren and Mike's great granduncle.

Mike's first cousin, 2x removed, daughter of Thomas and Salie Condren

Adeline Condren Keller was daughter of Alford and Mary Jane Yaden Condren, Mike's great grandaunt.

Oct. 13, 2013 Tour

Station 1 of the tour was devoted to John Keller. John was a blacksmith who married a daughter of Alford and Mary Jane Yadon Condren the subject of Station 2. Bobby Turner who was the host for Station 1 was a close friend during our years at the University of Arkansas in the early 1960s.

Station 2 of the tour was devoted to Mary Jane Yaden Condren, my great great grandmother. Her story resolved around her actions during the Civil War. She was portrayed by Thelma Smith. An article about her appeared in the Spring 1967 issue of The Key: Official Publication of the South Sebastian County Historical Society.

Station 3 of the tour was devoted to Forest Gibbs, a coal miner killed along with 12 others in an explosion in a mine. John Dill who told about the explosion is a major contributor to my railroad pages and is an expert on the history of coal mining in south Sebastian County.

Station 4 was devoted to the brutal murder of Dr. N. H. Stewart and the Miller Family in Jenny Lind. Doug Kinslow portrayed an undertaker.

Station 5 portrayed Jenny Lind Postmistress Jessie Gibbs. She was portrayed by Mary Ann Gamble. For some reason I did not take a picture at this station.

Station 6 portrayed Thelma Hendrix, Mother of Rep. B G Hendrix. She was portrayed by Charlotte Douglas.

This photo shows B G Hendrix sitting in the distance with the tombstone with his name in the left foreground with death date not listed.

Station 7 was devoted to Marjorie Simon Smith as portrayed by granddaughter Heather Kovanovic.

A couple of snap shots from the afternoon, Tanya Smith, Bob Turner and me discussing my relatives to be portrayed by them.
The Condren clan is seen in the distance, l to r: Jan, Mike, Ruth and Gary.

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