Bushmiaer Cemetery
Kibler, AR

Photos by Mike Condren

The Bushmiaer cemetery is located 1.5 miles north of Kibler on the former John F. Bushmiaer farm. John F. Bushmiaer was born in Westphalia, Prussia in 1832 to Henry and Margaret Schnuky Bushmiaer.
Bushmiaer Family History
This cemetery is located on private property behind locked gates.

These overviews are of the cemetery

Oldest grave in the cemetery is of J. Nidever, from whom the Bushmiaer family bought the property in 1847. He died Feb. 7, 1847. Graves of slaves outside of the fence. Found on Goggle (Jacob N. Nidever b. in TN died 1848 in Crawford Co., Ark. Cound this be this person? Jacob N Nidever (son of George Nidever and Christina Funkhouser) was born 1800 in Middletown, Sullivan, TN, USA, and died 1848 in Ft Smith, Crawford, AR,)

Henry Bushmiaer, fought in the Prussian army at Waterloo and the capture of Paris. Henry married Margaret Schnuky. They had 12 kids, including John F. and Tom
Third Greatgrandparents of Mike Condren.

John F. was married to Caroline. They had ---kids, including Maggie.
Second Greatgrandparents of Mike Condren

Second Great Grand Uncle and Aunt of Mike Condren

Maggie Bushmiaer married Alonzo James. They had 6 kids, Catherine, Rachael, Tom, Cravens, Freddie and Lonnie Elizabeth.

Alonzo and Maggie Bushmiaer James were Greatgrandparents of Mike Condren

Catherine James Hill was Grandmother of Mike Condren

Other Bushmiaer Biographises: W.A.Bushmiaer

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