WSOR Football Special

Wisconsin-Penn State
Nov. 4, 2006

For the UW-Madison-Penn State football game, Quad Graphics hired a WSOR GP38-3 #3808 to tow its 4 private cars from Waukesha to Madison. After waiting for 1.5 hours at the lake, I retired to my office in Shain Tower. The game started at 11:00 am. I OS'ed the special through the Tower at 11:38 am. These images are taken from my 7th floor office in the chemistry Shain Research Tower.

I then headed track side and caught up with the special as discharging its passengers was ending at the platform at Randall Drvie along side Campus Drive. The special then began its movement to the wye in Lake Monona for turning.

The special then is seen returning, crossing Engineering Drive along side of Union South as it headed to its stagging along side Campus Drive west of the University Ave. Crossing..

The train is seen stagged, awaiting the end of the game.

Before catching the bus back to our apartment, I went into the Engineering Centers Building where my engineering office is located and took this shot of the train from the Student Lounge.

As the train returned to the loading platform, I captured this image onto my computer using the Engineering Fountain Cam. My office in the Engineering Centers Building does not have a window. If I want to see what is happening outside, I click on this site. I even view it from Memphis when I want to know about the weather in Madison.

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