Condren Family 2011 Vacation Aug. 28th

Digital Photos by Mike Condren

A couple of last shots of the Rockies. As we left Denver we discovered that we were almost out of gas, got off I70, and got some gas and some Crispy Creams at a Shell Station. I kept looking at the Rockies in the mirrors for many miles.

East of Byers, CO we encountered a meet of two unit coal trains. Please excuse the poor shot with the bad glare on the windshield of this meet. We did get ahead of the loaded train at the Peoria Crossing exit and got some decent shots of the train. Note the grandstand of the Byers Race Track in the going away shots.

A little further east we see this westbound empty unit coal train.

We got off I70 for lunch at Burlington, CO. After picking up lunch to go at Subway, we looked for their "Old Town" area and got these pictures including the railroad station, the ice wagon with a 3 digit phone number, and then the stores along main street. When we got back on I70, the front end was obviously out of balance/alignment or we had a slow leak in a tire as the car shook. We got to an exit, and I checked the tires and found a "patch of asphalt". Some where, while we were off the Interstate, the right front tire picked up some asphalt and gravel about 6" size circle. We got back on the Interstate, and I ran the right tires on the "noise maker" to wear off the asphalt. After less than a minute on that, the ride was almost back to normal.

Why a picture of the Pizza Hut in Hays, KS? Well, that was the first Pizza Hut I ate at in during the late 1970s as they were getting started. I do not think this is the same building as Hays was one of the earliest stores of this Wichita based chain. As a graduate student, I was accepted as a traveling "sponsor" for the UMR debate team and drove the team to Hays for a debate.

We left I70 for back roads to Hutchinson, KS. We found this former station at Ellenwood, KS.

At Lyons, KS, we found this former Santa Fe caboose along the highway.

Another nice former station at Sterling, KS.

This is the former ATSF station in Hutchinson, KS where, in 1958 on a visit to see friends from Van Buren, they took us to this station, and we watched the new Hi-Level El Capitan make its scheduled stop. In late spring of 1960, I got off the Grand Canyou on a visit with these friends and to take a date to her senior prom. It is now a coffee shop and stop for Amtrak. How far the mighty have fallen.

The Route of the Rocky Mountain Rocket is now a part of the Union Pacific. Here is some power at their yard office.

Inside this museum is the Appolo 1 spacecraft which burned on the ground killing 3 astronauts.
This is a engine for a Saturn 5 rocket used in the Appolo program.
Here we see a Mercury lauch vehicle and then a Gemini lauch vehicle.

We found this street sign on the east side of Hutch.

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