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Union Pacific

This 9 car UP passenger train was seen in Memphis on April 12, 2012. It was headed by 949, 963B, and 951. Among the cars were a power car, a former dome observation car, and a business car.

The train was composed of the following:
UPP2066  power car; ex. UP5816 (power/heat/air for cars in train)
UPP202    "Cabarton" staff sleeper ex. Pacific Domain Budd 10-6 slpr.
UPP200    "Omaha" 8 bdrm executive slpr org. a 12-4 slpr
UPP413    "Lake Bluff" business car ex-CNW
UPP315    "Little Rock" staff sleeper ex Wabash Western Scene
UPP5779  "Promontory" baggage w/flag paint job
UPP9004  "Harriman" dome lounge ex. observation dome lounge
UPP302    "Overland" dinner lounge
UPP101    "Lone Star" business car
The consist is courtesy of Terry Cox.

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