John W Barriger III Photos of Tulsa

This photo was taken from the rear of the "Will Rogers" as the line from Oklahoma City joined the line from Texas in Sapulpa, OK. The older station and Harvey House were torn down in 1963 so this scenic photo was taken after the start of 1963.
Here we see the train passing Cherokee Yard in West Tulsa. The hump yard was started in 1956 and was completed in 1960.
I suspect that this was taken while his train was stopped at Tulsa Union Depot.
This view appears to be of the train leaving Tulsa Union Depot.
The train has now crossed the Midland Valley and Katy tracks east of Union Depot.
Downtown Tulsa can be seen in this last photo in the Tulsa area.

The following photos were taken at Cherokee Yard in West Tulsa. This first viw is from track level of the hump. LouisMenk became President of the Frisco Railroad in 1962 and Chairman of the Board in 1964. He left the Frisco in the fall of 1965 to head the Burlington Northern.
These track level shots show the bowl side of the hump with Mr Louis Menk in the center.
The next two photos were taken from the top level of the hump tower. Note downtown Tulsa in the right distance.
This view is to the east from the top level of the hump tower.
This is the view to the south from the top of the hump tower, showing the down hill approach to the hump. This meant that the hump engines needed brake trailers made from steam loco tenders. Later the SD38-2s for this yard had dynamic brakes.
This view was taken down in the bowl area where new autos were once unloaded.
This is looking in the opposite direction from the tracks with new autos in auto racks. The truck tractors were used to haul trainlers of new autos.
These photos were taken from the business car on the departure/arrival track on the east side of the hump yard.
These next two photos were taken at track level at Tulsa Union Depot. Mr Louis Menk is seen towering over the other men in these shots.

J W Barriger III Library at the University of Missouri - St Louis

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