713 Brentwood Drive
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Back Yard


Park across the street.

The view from across the ditch back at the house.

Front Entry Hall
(Left image: Hall to bedrooms left, entry to Formal Rooms right, coat closet straight ahead
Right image: Hall to bedroomsright, entry to Formal Rooms left, den straight ahead)

Formal Living and Dining Areas
New couch, coffee table, book-shelves, end tables, and lamps sitting on the new floor



Laundry Room
Home Office
(desk top computer,
network hub,
and printer)

Hall to Bedrooms
Left: toward Master Bedroom; Right: toward linen closet.

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Middle Bedroom

Back Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Railroad Area
Layout Room and Office, Separate Workshop, and Off-Street Parking

Stairs to "Railroad World"
Layout Room: The Frisco Monett layout will be placed along the wall to the left.
Layout Room: The M&A Harrison layout will be placed to the left of this picture.
Layout Room: The M&A Harrison layout will be placed against the wall beyond the post.

Layout Storage

Nanotechnology Storage

Railroad Office, left, and Railroad Bathroom, right

Railroad Office

Railroad Bathroom, shower out of view to the left.

Work Shop

Playground a block to the southwest of the house, across a second street.

Ford on South Street. The house is about 2 blocks to the left at the STOP sign.

Leaving 2075 Hallwood Drive, Memphis, June 8

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