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Steak n Shake Special Committee Comments on Strategic Process

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Steak n Shake Company today provided an update on the activities of the Special Committee of independent directors which was formed to advise the Board with respect to developing the strategic plan and examining potential business opportunities for the Company as part of a plan seeking to maximize shareholder value.

The Committee analyzed the potential outcome of various alternative future scenarios and has determined that, at this time, the best opportunity for the Company is to focus on its strategic plan of pursuing an operational turnaround and improving unit economics.

As part of the process, the Committee analyzed whether shareholder value could be enhanced through a sale of the Company. None of the offers received to date as part of this process reflect what the Committee or Board believes is the full underlying value of the Company. The Committee believes that this process is being adversely affected by unfavorable trends in the casual dining segment of the restaurant industry, the Company's recent disappointing operating performance and volatility in the financial markets. The Committee continues to receive inquiries from interested parties. There can be no assurance that these inquiries will result in an offer that the Committee and Board could recommend to shareholders.

"We remain confident in the long-term future of Steak n Shake as we focus our attention on continuing our turnaround plan and hiring a permanent Chief Executive Officer," said Alan Gilman, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are cautiously optimistic about the early results from our initiatives designed to drive same store sales improvement. In particular, we are seeing positive traction from our STEAKBURGER(TM) promotion which has been running since the beginning of February, featuring one of our best-selling sandwiches at a compelling price point, designed to communicate a value message and drive incremental guest traffic. We continue to intensify our efforts on improving store level execution. While this process takes time, it is especially important in the current environment and is fundamental to driving consistent visits from our loyal customers and to the long-term success of Steak n Shake."

About Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake is a full service, casual dining restaurant serving a core menu of its famous STEAKBURGER(TM) sandwiches, thin 'n crispy french fries, old fashioned hand-dipped milk shakes, chili, home style soups, fresh salads, a variety of desserts and breakfast. All of the food is prepared to the guest's order and served by friendly, well-trained associates. Steak n Shake restaurants feature full-service dining areas, counter service and drive-thru windows and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Risks Associated with Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding possible transactions by the Company. The Company cautions its stockholders and others considering trading in its securities that there can be no assurance that any transaction will be approved or completed. Actual events may differ materially from the statements included in this press release. The Company does not intend to update publicly any forward-looking statements, except as required by law.

Certain statements contained in this press release represent forward- looking statements. In general, forward-looking statements include estimates of future revenues, cash flows, capital expenditures, or other financial items, and assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. Forward-looking statements reflect management's current expectations regarding future events and use words such as "anticipate", "believe", "expect", "may", "will", and other similar terminology. These statements speak only as of the date they were made and involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements. Several factors, many beyond our control, could cause actual results to differ significantly from our expectations, such as the following: the effectiveness of our planned expansion; the poor performance or closing of even a small number of restaurants; our ability to attract and retain guests; changes in guest preferences, tastes and ddietary habits; minimum wage rates; the availability and cost of qualified personnel; fluctuations in food commodity prices and the availability of food commodities; harsh weather conditions; unfavorable publicity relating to food safety or food borne illness; our ability to comply with existing and future governmental regulations; our ability to adequately protect our trademarks, service marks, and other components of our brand; and the other risks identified in the periodic reports we file with the SEC. Additional risks and uncertainties not currently known to us or that are currently deemed immaterial may also become important factors that may harm our business, financial condition, results of operations or cash flows. We assume no obligation to update forward-looking statements except as required in our periodic reports.

Using oil with no trans fat
Galesburg location frying trans-fat free

Thursday, May 31, 2007

GALESBURG - Indianapolis-based Steak 'n' Shake Company (NYSE:SNS) is now using frying oil with 0 grams trans fat per serving in all 478 restaurants throughout 19 states. "As one of America's oldest restaurant chains, Steak 'n' Shake is dedicated to serving our loyal customers with the same great taste they have come to expect while working to eliminate added trans fats," said Steak 'n' Shake's Chief Marketing Officer Steven Schiller.

The restaurant has one location in Galesburg, at 1066 N. Henderson St.

Steak 'n' Shake's long-term plan is to remove added trans fats from the menu wherever possible.

"Incorporating frying oil with 0 grams trans fat is one step in a series of initiatives to respond to growing concerns about health and healthy eating in the U.S.," Schiller said.

Nutritional information for all Steak 'n' Shake menu items can be found in the online nutritional guide at . Updated nutritional information showing trans fat and sugar content will be added to the Web site in August.

Field Reports

Horse Shoe and Mule Shoe Fries

Rick Moser and I on Sun., Dec. 14, 2008, having been chasing "Santa Claus specials" on four railroads in Illinois, found ourselves in Jacksonville, Ill. (where I went to college, across town, 1962-65, BTW), and wound up pigging out at the Steak n Shake there. This restaurant has been open only a short time, replacing one across the road, Business US 36 (Morton Ave.), the main commercial thorofare, a block to the west. The old building still stands, vacant. There is a new Shopko or some such store in back of the new SnS. Lunch was excellent; waitress Melissa knew all about the change, the date of the move, etc. We split an order of cheese fries w/ our sandwiches, and the cheese came in a separate mini-cup, and it was thinner in consistency and lighter in yellow than the normal "glob" of cheese you get on fries, so it prompted me to ask Melissa if perchance the new store still served horseshoe sandwiches, like the old one did. (The menus don't show it -- they're standard corporate menus, you gotta be "in the know.") "Yes. We also serve pony shoes," was her reply. For the great unwashed among you, a horseshoe is a Springfield (IL) phenomenon, dating to at least the 1960's but undoubtedly longer; it's an open faced sandwich on toast, two pieces, with the meat on top, and fries arranged around on three sides, ala a horseshoe and hence the name. Then rarebit cheese sauce is ladled on the whole artery-clogging aggregation. They're great! The various Springfield restaurants that have served horseshoes customarily offer different meats on top such as hamburger patty, ham, turkey, bacon, etc., sometimes a combo. A pony shoe is one piece of toast, i.e., half the horseshoe. At home when we fix them, we often have more than one meat. The J'ville SnS offers a steakburger patty, bacon, and egg, I think that's all Melissa said. The depot restaurant we had our eye on for dinner when we returned was closed on Sun., so in the evening, after finding no other good independent restaurants on Morton Ave., we went back to SnS for dinner to try the horseshoes. Like fools we didn't order pony shoes, and each came with enough fries piled on top to feed 4 people. We each unloaded 60 pct of our fries into our empty salad bowls to begin. We also had to order more sauce, it was a bit skimpy (but tasty). No one knows "rarebit," it's just "cheese sauce." (Sign of the times.) I think both of us finished the basics (steakburger patties and toast). Why does J'ville join the Spfld SnS's in offering this delicacy? Same franchisee, whom Melissa said despite the move etc. was still in charge. "Same group, same managers, same general managers," etc., she said. So not all things ETTS. Until the explosive SnS growth a decade ago or so in which most new ones were/are/have been franchise operations, in the "classic era" (aka good ol' days), only the SnS stores in both Springfields (IL and MO) were franchise operations, which explains why the 1950's style SnS in Spfld MO survives -- the guy down there will not cave to corporate and ETTS it. (Be sure to stop there, it's in town, east of downtown on old Rte 66, if you're in Spfld, Mo., to show support.) My name is Dave Ingles, and I have approved this message. -- jdi

New Waukesha Steak n Shake

Mixed Review

3/7/08 visit
Waukesha Steak n Shake

Well, last time we were over to ours, on Sat., I got a survey thing on my receipt ($2 off on next visit for completing it, they give you a code), which was a punch-button phone thing that took less than 5 minutes. At the end of the questions, the give you a minute to talk on whatever, and I let 'em have it on such "economies" as the chopped stuff in the salad (vs. the old way, esp. the green peppers), no spoon -- try eating those little squares of peppers or cukes (which I have 'em omit) with a fork! And only one napkin. (SnS seems to not give you a spoon unless you order soup/chili or a shake, and then you get the specialized spoon only. I guess the only teaspoons you get are if you order coffee -- but come to think of it, Carol had coffee Sat. and had to stir it with a fork! Forgot that on the survey call! These cheap-charlie details are points, like with a Senior Discount, where Culver's is a clear winner over SnS. Yes, SnS has gone more economical, but less customer-friendly. And yes, you can ask for more salad dressing (that's become a sore point now too), a spoon, or more napkins, but why the hassle when other places don't operate that way? These are all signs of a co. trying to pinch pennies. In the survey, I gave 'em 5's (scale was 1-5) on most things, a couple 4's, and one 2, slow delivery of food items. Server was fine; a rookie, but OK and friendly, and he wasn't preparing the food. Time before that, I ordered Chili DeLuxe as a side on a platter, and while the cheese/onions on top do cool the chili on top just a bit, that soup was barely warm. I sent it back. I think Cheryl, one of the mgrs., recognizes us, because the server offered to warm it up (I said it was prepared 'OK, just no longer hot enough, that if i Was home I'd microwave it for 15 seconds and be done with it) and instead of a new cup or a warm-up, brought me back a fresh bowl -- that's BOWL, not cup -- and it was hot, so I came out way ahead. Too bad I didn't get a survey that time :-) - Dave Ingles

Mixed Review

7/20/07 visit
Wauwatosa Steak n Shake

This reviewer, his wife, and a friend from Naperville, IL, met for lunch at SnS last Friday. The time was 12:30, and the restaurant was about half full. The short, stout manager was on hand, and helped serve, though they were not short of servers. One who helped serve us was wearing an "I (heart) Steak n Shake" button, like I got at Rolla, Mo., in 1992, from a server, and she claimed she got it during the "Grand Opening" of the 'Tosa SnS this past spring, but i've never seen anyone else with such. She says she gets asked for it all the time, and remembers that several other servers gave theirs up (sounds familiar :-)

Service was slow, as usual. Entrees were fine: two Frisco melts and one bacon cheddar burger, all platters. Delivery sequences were not correct. My small peach yogurt shake did not come until we were half thru our entrees -- just short of when I was about to make some noise about it. They have new menus, and some things are gone, such as the all-American melt; probably some new stuff, but the only one I spotted was a new option for a platter, a fruit plate of apples and grapes, but for a premium price (75 cents?) like the onion rings are. Carol ordered onion rings and found them terrible, mushy, nothing like they used to be. I ordered a salad and was distressed to find them smaller, in a smaller bowl, with one small cup of dressing (honey mustard, always, for me -- it's made w/ horseradish) on the side. Easy enough to order another cup, which I didn't have to do, as I just left the salad unfinished as I was full. That was actually my second salad, because they now finely chop up both the cucumber and green pepper, and since I can't eat cucumbers, I had to send it back rather than try to ferret out the cukes. The stuff is so finely chopped you might as well eat the salad with a spoon -- everything just rolls off a fork. I complained to the mgr. about it when he stepped up to a 2nd register to help cashier when the one girl (slow of course) couldn't cope well. I also reminded him that "meals" are still cheaper than "platters" by 50 to 75 cents despite including the same exact 2 side items. His answer: "I thought they were going to fix that from the last one." They have not. That may say a lot about the corporation in general these days. Apparently the computer will automatically figure the cheaper alternative, but still, that seems ridiculous. Once the Waukesha SnS opens, I doubt if I'll ever go back to 'Tosa, but it's the same franchisee. -- Dave Ingles

Happy Ending

When Dave emailed us that the SnS opened in Wauwatosa, we immediately planned a trip to surprise our guys. Andy and Alex are students at Concordia Univ. in Mequon and huge SnS fans. We drove down the next Sunday, picked up them and Alex's fiance, who did not know about SnS. When we arrived, a big note which said CLOSED FOR TRAINING was on the door. This sad group drove away hungry :-( However, all was not lost! A few weeks later, this same group (our family + others) traveled to Port Charlotte, FL for CUW's baseball's spring training (Alex plays for them). As we drove through the Port Charlotte area, we looked around and could not believe it-a SnS-right on our route! The rookies with us could not understand our delight, until they were treated to the fabulous fare! We had a wonderful meal, a delightful waitress, and of course brought back extra chili. The building was surrounded by palm trees, so it did seem a little strange, but we left very happy!

Kelly Annette Lamkin, Shawano, WI
Central Illinois native

The old SnS coffee is coming back!

It's official, as soon as the shitty Seattle's Best stock runs out. Those months and months of me whining and complaining to every SnS restaurant I was in, to every website SnS has, to every phone-in customer service number I could find... finally paid off! Remember my motto: Whine and whine until you drive everyone nuts and get what you want!

Mike Schafer

Favorite Meal(s)

"Steakburger" with ketchup, lettuce, tomato and pickle. If I have a platter I usually get beans and coleslaw - sometimes the thin fries. For a drink its either a cherry Coke or a junior shake. (Sorry no separate picture of a "Steakburger") If I get a big shake, I usually split it with my wife. I do like a Chili-mac on occasion. Breakfasts are OK - I usually get eggs over easy with bacon and toast.
Jeff Madden - Wales, WI

Variation on the Steakburger. My favorite SnS meal harks back to my days in Sacred Central Illinois where there was a dish served at several local restaurants in Springfield called a Horseshoe "sandwich" (Ponyshoe for the lighter eater). The SnS version consists of a Steakburger pattie atop a piece of toasted bread with SnS's trademark string-like French fries placed in a horseshoe shape around the outside. The plating then includes drizzling the sandwich with a cheese sauce. Unfortunately the dish is only served in Springfield and Jacksonville SnS stores, which are historic franchisee-operated (as is Springfield, Mo., diff, franchisee -- this was when virtually all SnS's were corporate-owned, before the recent explosive expansion using mostly franchisees). If your travels ever take you to SCI, give one a try! Grinnies
Carol Ingles - Waukesha, WI

Double Steakburger with cheese, mustard applied (ketchup available at table) and pickles on the side (must slice around the seeds). Platter, usually with salad with the best honey mustard dressing in creation (I finally figured out it's made with horseradish, no one else's is), and either beans, chili, fries, or cottage cheese, depending on my mood, time of year, gastro condition, and table companions. Diet Coke w/ cherry syrup.
J. David Ingles - Waukesha, WI

Chili 5 ways with double the beef and a Vanilla MALT. The last time I was at the new location at 124th and Burleigh Monday Feb 19th they were out of malt and I had to settle for a Vanilla shake.not acceptable. However, I will give them a chance to redeem themselves.
Craig Willett - Franksville, WI

Another chili lover heard from. "Last time our middle son Andy came through northern Illinois he stopped at a SnS and had to bring back (of course) chili for Alex. They have been hooked since they were little guys."
Kelly Annette Lamkin - Shawano, WI; ex Lincoln, IL

My favorite meal is the "only" one I eat at Steak 'n' Shake: Chili Mac w/extra special sauce and a single steakburger w/ ketchup, mustard, pickle & onion. Once in a while I might have my all time favorite "Orange Freeze" in a junior size and sometimes, I might even through in an order of fries. If I do the fries and orange freeze, I end up taking home half of the Chili Mac. My leftover Chili Mac is breakfast the next day!
Renee Fiscus
1st Steak 'n' Shake
Main Street; Decatur, IL

Much has been made of the fact that I DO NOT like spaghetti, but invariably order Chili-Mac @ SnS. An aberration of character I guess. I respond that Chili Mac is NOT spaghetti, but then it is pointed out that the menu refers to it as such, to which I respond "a menu misprint".
R R Wallin, Rochester, IL

Jim Boyd, editor emeritius of Railfan & Railroad, is very well known for his love of Chili-Mac, "I lost my girlish figure to three years of Chili-Mac for lunch at the Loves Park SnS north of Rockford, Ill., while working for TV station WTVO. in the mid-1960s." At that time it was the northernmost SnS in the company..

FRISCO Melt small fries and ice tea
First eaten at the 1550 S. Glenstone Ave. Springfield, MO 65804 while railfanning the FRISCO.
Mike Condren - Memphis, TN

If that's a small bowl of chili in the background, then you and I have the exact same favorite: Frisco melt, fries.
Kevin Keefe - Milwaukee, WI

Large Chocolate Malt, hold the cherry
Dinner in Madison after an afternoon of chasing CP, WC(CN), and Amtrak before the Madison store was closed. The Madison store opened just before the end of my last year-long sabbatical at UW in '99. It closed before my return on this year-long sabbatical.

One might think that I am SnS's bad luck charm. They closed all three stores in Memphis about a year after I moved there in '81. They closed both of the Arkansas stores after I began stopping by. However, SnS has returned to Memphis and Arkansas, and I have "boothed" all of them already.

Mike Condren - Memphis, TN

I like the new side by sides.
Jeff Madden - Wales, WI
No Picture Available
I've been known in mid-summer afternoons to log new boothage in between mealtimes with an orange freeze. SnS, proving itself not immune from "ETTS," really tested my patience when it dropped the lime freeze!
J. David Ingles - Waukesha, WI
No Picture Available

Last Saturday after the Route 66 Motor Tour got to Springfield, Carol and I went to our usual SnS there at Stevenson Dr. and Dirksey Parkway (right off
I-55, SE corner of city). Standard corporate menu, no mention of Horseshoe sandwiches, so she asked our waiter. "Sure, we have them. What kind would you like?" Our faith was sustained! Horseshoe is an open-faced sandwich, usually the bread toasted but not always, on a plate, with various featured meats (hamburger pattie, ham, turkey, bacon, etc.). The French Fries was arranged around the outisde of the open-face sandiwch, in a ring, like a horseshoe, hence the name,.and then all covered in a liberal bath of Welsh rarebit or plain cheese sauce. A Ponyshoe is half that, with one bread and meat patty (or half the other meats).
Carol Ingles - Waukesha, WI

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Favorite Story

Galesburg, IL Story
The store there, on 150 North on the northwest side, in a commercial strip south of US 34 freeway interchange, is the 2nd location in the city, and soon (or already) to close and move up by the interchange so a fast-food joint next door can use the space for more parking. The SnS is not that big, and cramped. But back in the 1960's, the G'burg SnS was on East Broad St. (??) the east-west main drag thru town, 2 or 3 blocks east of the CB&Q crossing just NE of their depot, and Wallin and I ate there a few times when we were up there 'fanning. He always got a Chili Mac, IIRC. It was the old fashioned one, I s'pose with carhops, tho don't remember them, but a long counter with a lot of stools, where we usually sat. That was the G'burg reference that got him going on getting Chili Macs but not liking spaghetti!
J. David Ingles

The other thing missing in Pittsburgh was a good restaurant that was a cut above a fast food joint and not as fancy as a fern bar restaurant. Think, oh, I don't know....Steak 'n Shake. Now I have to admit that I was not so invested in SnS that I dreamt about it coming to PIttsburgh for years. But I was nevertheless quite surprised to be driving down the road in my local mall (under construction) and see, there in the distance, a sign. As soon as I saw the sign I knew it must be right because there was a SnS that had appeared magically out of the asphalt.

Once we ascertained that it wasn't a mirage, the restaurant soon became a favorite of the family. That was the first in the area. There are now four that I am aware of. I've been to three of out towards the Pittsburgh airport, and another one out along PA 28 north in another new mall area. Barb has one up on me in that she's been to the one in the South Hills as well.

The visit to the one on PA 28 was interesting in that it was with fellow members Ingles, Moser, and Arbuckle. We were enroute to Pittsburgh from Scranton by car (because of the rerouted AAPRCO convention train) and had just suffered a 20 minute detainment by an over aggressive member of the Pennsylvania State Police force in Dubois (pronounced Dew Boys). (Aside: why isn't it the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Police?) So a visit to a new SnS was definitely called for...and who were we to say no?

Something that will puzzle me for a while is how Mr. Schafer, our esteemed President, could pass up a SnS 2-3 miles from his beloved Kennywood Park in favor the the vastly inferior Eat n Park? (Mike, I promise to stop rubbing that in....someday.)
Chuck Weinstock

It was June 1994. I was attending a meeting in Austin, TX and left it a bit early to fly to STL to catch the Frisco 1522-led excursion train heading to the Atlanta NRHS convention. For completeness the routing was St. Louis to Springfield, MO to Memphis, TN to Birmingham, AL to Atlanta, GA. I was with a group of the usual suspects until Birmingham where I had to bail out to head home. (Though I can no longer imagine what was important enough for me to do that.)

On the second day of the trip, as we're headed from Springfield to Memphis, we find the train sitting at a crossing for a long time. It was either a meet or a water stop--I believe the latter. We're on the outskirts of Jonesboro, AK. We're also hungry, but there isn't much to eat on the train at this point and we'll be in Memphis reasonably soon we think. We're also lazy. None of our group gets off the train to even stretch our legs. Had one of us done so, and gone up to the head end, we might have noticed the (now defunct) SnS a short walk to the right of the head end. We certainly noticed it as the train pulled us over the crossing on its way out of town an hour plus later.
Chuck Weinstock (Got this one before it closed. Mike Condren, Webmaster)

Actually, we realized it was nearby when we saw folks coming back on board with lunch sacks from two or three places, including SnS, and then saw the store, perhaps 1/3 of a mile south of the grade crossing ahead of the engine during the service stop, as we pulled out. The folks who went for their meals had to have left the train just as we stopped. And IIRC it was like 90 degrees and humid, this in late afternoon, and I for one wouldn't have walked that far, for SnS or not!

The next evening in Birmingham, Chuck and I and some others went out to suburban Hoover for a Birmingham Barons Class AA minor league baseball game, and the Barons were a White Sox farm team and that was the year their right fielder was Michael Jordan (yes, the same one, for one year only!).

I have another story of an SnS that got away. I was driving back to Memphis along the Cotton Belt with their p.r. man, Jim Johnson, after riding the business car on a freight from St. Louis to Pine Bluff, than in the cab of a trailing diesel the next (early) morning from Pine Bluff to Corsicana. From there a trainmaster or someone furnished an auto, by which we returned, with visits at Tyler and Shreveport, the UP along "The Rabbit" SP line (which all of us still need), and I think overnighted somewhere. On to Memphis next day, we had planes to catch (maybe a rental car this day), and Johnson, being a native Western Illinoisan, was intent on us dining at an SnS he knew was near the SSW yard (believe this was an IC facility, not Johnson Yard, SSW rented space in). Anyway we got to the SnS and found it had just gone out of business acct. it had burned out (yes, I mean a fire). And shortly thereafter, SnS pulled out of Memphis (the first time). We were really pissed, and not even "collecting" them yet. No time to go to another one, we had to head for the airport directly. I think this was in the early 1980s, would have to look up the exact year in my mileage log.
J. David Ingles (I "boothed" all three of the SnS stores in Memphis before they pulled out shortly after we moved to Memphis. Mike Condren, Webmaster)

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New Boothage Reports

2423 Kossow Rd.
Waukesha, WI 53186
300 South College Mall Rd  College Mall
Bloomington, IN 47401
Mike and Jan Condren
1919 N. College
Bloomington, IN 47404
Mike and Jan Condren
1160 Rye Lane
Lebanon, MO 65536
Mike and Jan Condren
2005 W. Morton Avenue  I-72, Exit 60
Jacksonville, IL 62650
David Ingles and Rick Moser

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Special Brochures

I use this as my "eating guide" between Bloomington, IL and Memphis, TN. Oh yes, I have eaten in the Southaven, MS store numerous times. My wife used to work at the Southaven Branch library, about a mile away. Mike Condren

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