Shawn Phoenix Reason

Christmas 2007

Virginia and Shawn in Metarie on Dec. 14, 2007
Jan and Shawn in Metarie on Dec. 15, 2007

Shawn and one of his favorite "toys".
Virginia in her Chase National Bank uniform

Shawn is wearing his new engineer's cap and trying on his new "Grandpa and I Love Trains" shirt.

Shawn opening and playing with his "Singing Pizza Elmo"

Shawn and his Dad

Shawn sitting in his Elmo chair watching an Elmo video. Is he crazy about Elmo?

Shawn taking a finger food break from watching Elmo.

Christmas Family Portrait in Metarie, LA

Virginia reading a new book to Shawn.

Shawn starts playing with this "sorter" before his Dad can finish putting it together.

Virginia reading Shawn another book that he got for Christmas.

Shawn playing with Chicken Dancer Elmo.

Family ride on the St. Charles Street line

Shawn is opening another new book.

Shawn opening another new book with aid from Mother while sitting in his Dad's lap.

Shawn with the Penquin t-shirt from Uncle Matt.

Shawn playing with his new "Jack in the Box".

Daughter Virginia and grandson Shawn at LASTA Christmas Party

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