Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

56 Years of Railroad Photography

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I caught this unit at the limestone plant at Marble City, OK after our church meeting at Dwight Mission..

I took this photo looking down the Arkansas & Missouri line past the station in Van Buren, AR before Jan and I rode to Winslow.

David Kerr was one of the volunteer car attendants on our ride to Winslow.

Our A&M train is seen arriving at the station in Van Buren.

This is the view inside the car in which we rode.

This is our view of the rear loco for our trip north to Winslow..

The car attendant for our trip was my long time friend, David McDonald. 

David told us about our location as we proceeded to Winslow.

At Winslow our power cut away from the train and moved the caboose to what had become the rear of the train.

This young rider was seen in the cupola of the caboose as we passed it while moving it to the rear of the train.

After we returned to Van Buren, we drove to Greenwood. This is the approximate location of the Midland Valley station east ot the town square.

The Midland Valley tracks once were located approximately here to serve coal mines north east of Greenwood.

This sign is at the site of the restored caboose in Greenwood, AR.

I found these units at Watts, OK on my way to the monthly NRHS meeting in Springdale, AR.


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