Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

A eastbound CSX stack train running through Memphis from the UP prepares to cross Broad. Note that lease unit GCFX #3095 is a SD40 on this day in late 2005. 12/15/2005

The new look of Kansas Ave. 12/16/05

The new look at Critco, first looking BNSF "north", and then "south". 12/16/05

An eastbound UP merchandise train at Blacklands, AR 12/17/05

Former MP depot at Atkins, AR, 12/17/05

Westbound UP merchandise freight at Atkins, AR, Note the UPY SD40-2. 12/17/05

A UP stack train awaits being handed over to CSX at Cox St. 12/26/05

Here are two Norfolk Southern trains. First is a general merchandise train led by a UP engine. Then a NS stack train, led by 2 UP units, passes the general merchandise train at White Siding in east Memphis, 12/26/05

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