Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

A vehicle train is seen pulling out of Tennessee Yard in Memphis, June 29, 2009.

The cranes have been moved to the north end of the terminal, including the RIP track "Gizmo".

A third track is being built north which requires another bridge over Winchester Road, 6/25/09.

CNIC 9572 is seen here in Woodstock, TN, a northern suburb of Memphis, July 4, 2009.

Former IC station and caboose at Covington, TN, July 5, 2009.

The Disney "Christmas Carol" train arrived in Memphis Central Station on Monday August 3, 2009. These photos were taken the next day during the tour time. All of these photos were taken from the passenger seat of our van while Jan drove as I was 3.5 weeks post surgery on my right knee and still on crutches..

Jan then parked the van in the station parking lot so that I could get these views of the train and crowd waiting 2 hours to tour the exhibits concening this new verion of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol".

A CNIC transfer is seen through the legs of one of the northern most production crane at the extreme north end of the terminal.

The second northern most production crane is seen parked near the end of the stacking yard,

Looking south-east at the new intermodal terminal.

CNIC 6102 & 6112 are heading into the receiving tracks of Tennessee Yard.

August 20, 2009

After spending 6 weeks in an immobilizer following my surgery (no driving), a cold front and pretty skies led me to head trackside after lunch. Most of the time was spent at Kentucky Street with a short detour and a trip up the Medical Center trolley line on the way home.

My first train at Kentucky Street Memphis was this CSX transfer returning from the UP intermodal yard in Marion, AR. Note that the second unit is a slug. Also note the empty BNSF unit coal train approaching on the westbound "Southern" track after returning from a power plant along the NS.

The next train was this eastbound stack train which I expected by seeing an "Approach" signal for the BNSF. The coal train has now pulled up to "Tower 17" and unloaded its NS crew and waited for atleast 2 hours before being recrewed by BNSF.

Next I heard these 2 track machines coming from the direction of the Mississippi River bridge.

The track machines meet a westbound BNSF train powered by 3 NS units at CN Jct.

I then spotted a NS transfer entering the BNSF mainline from the the CNIC at CN Jct. I gave chase and got shots at the 4th street overpass and then the Danny Thomas overpass.

In chasing the NS transfer I discovered the former RI overpass over Georgia St.

On my way home, I drove up Madison Ave. and caught a meet at Lauderdale Street, across from where the Memphis and Charleston Railroad station stood for 100 years.

Further east on Madison I shot this additional car heading west.

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