Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

Rochelle, IL Railroad Park

This westbound empty coal train is approaching the BNSF crossing on June 14, 2005.

This exSP 141 was the trailing unit on the empty coal train.

New to the scene is this former MILW caboose north-east of the railroad park.

One of the Rochelle locals on the BNSF was this nice matched pair of GP30s still in the ATSF yellow warbonnet paint scheme.

The other Rochelle BNSF local is seen here switching the Del Monte plant along side the UP mainline west of the diamond.

Here the local is returning to the BNSF. Note the tight radius of the track near the diamond.
It now turns into a race between the BNSF and the UP.

This westbound vehicle train sports 4 SD70s on the point and 2 trailing NS units.

Action the next day (6/15/05) starts early with this westbound. Before 7am I had shot two UPs but missed 2 BNSFs.

This westbound had a very interesting 3rd unit, check the next two images.
The previous day I had shot two more of these "undecorated" SD70ACes on a westbound freight.
The previous day I had shot two more of these "undecorated" SD70ACes on a westbound freight.

The diamond gets such a pounding from continual traffic that welders have to build up the points between trains.
Here an eastbound pig train approaches the diamonds with the welder standing near his truck.

With the crossing blocked by the pig train, the local charges across westbound.

Here a young rail fan watches as UP 4496 returns west from delivering a string of refrigerator cars to the Rochelle Railroad interchange on the east side of town.

This westbound stack trains is powered by the latest offerings from EMD and GE. The UP 8334 SD70ACe leads two sister SD70ACes and a GE C45...

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