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Feb. 27, 2016

The following units were found at the A&M engine terminal. Jimmy Christenberry came to Tahlequah, OK to drive me to the train show since the doctor has not released me to drive that far.

We then headed to the train show at the Holiday Inn where we found the NRHS trains and the live steam group..

March 16, 2016

This was my first trip out to take photos of trains by myself since my knee surgery on Oct. 23.. I headed to Wagoner where the former MKT line crossed the former MP line. The following is what I found.

My first train was a southbound grain train on the former MKT line which took the connection to the former MP line toward Van Buren.

The next train was another south bound train off the former MKT to the former MP.

This train had been stopped south of town for over an hour before it headed north on the former MKT and then the former MP.

The MKT to MP train is still visible as a southbound MKT train is seen heading to the MP.

The next train was off the former MKT heading to the former MP northbound.

My last train in Wagoner was at the OK 16 crossing SW of town where the Cookson siding is the former KO&G mainline.

March 17, 2016
Happy St Patrick's Day
from a decendent from Youhall County Cork, Ireland

On my way to the March Meeting of the NRHS in Springdale, I discovered this historic marker across from the location of the former KCS station at Watts, OK, sight now of the crew change point on the KCS.

This KCS train was switching when I first arrived.

We then see the train leaving Watts from the south end of the yard.
I caught the DPU from near the Watts Post Office.

March 21, 2016

This maintenance crew is headed toward the Arkansas River bridge for some work on the track.

A BNSF trimmer is seen heading out the Avard Sub with a long cut of cars from the bowl of Cherokee Yard.

Construction in the area where I once parked has forced me to find a new place to park as seen from this photo of the UP, exMKT, transfer leaving Cherokee Yard. This train connects the Muskogee BNSF track with the mainlne.
The presence of an exMP transfer caboose is misleading. The MP never served Tulsa directly. It operates out of Muskogee, which also was never served directly by the MP.

After crossing 17th Street, the UP train takes the connection to the former Midland Valley yard and track toward Jenks.

This telephoto shot was taken from a spot on the Arkansas River side of the 17th St crossing, a new parking spot for me. These units will be closer later in the day.

I next drove to the south end of the approach to the down hill hump to take this series of photos of the units working the hump. Some of the crew are not happy working for BNSF as evidenced by the touch up of the paint on the second and third units in this consist.

The maintenance crew is next seen returning from their work on the Arkansas River bridge.

My scanner then reported that an eastbound BNSF on the Avard Sub would be allowed to head into Tulsa and then east. Here we see that train rounding the connection from the Avada Sub to the Cherokee Sun.

The scanner then announced another train on the Avard Sub so I headed out that way and caught this eastbound.

On my return from the Avard Sub photos, I drove into the edge of the BNSF engine terminal to get this shot.

When I got to Ollie Station for lunch, the hump power was just across the street from the parking lot.

After lunch I decided to drive out Charles Paige Blvd and look for the Sand Springs Ry. I found this unit sitting along the highway

I cuaght the Sand Springs loco moving toward Tulsa.

I then turned around and headed back down Charles Paige Blvd toward Tulsa. I found this cast aligator on the ground outside of a local pub.

The SS 101 is then seen along Charles Paige Blvd.

I next caught up with the Sand Springs train at the BNSF interchange in Tulsa.

I set up just west of the SS yard along the river and caught it west bound once.

This freight was parked just west of the Utica overpass in Tulsa.

I caught the train again as it passed the west end of downtown.

When I drove through Wagoner, I spotted a southbound UP train on the former MKT which headed to the former MP.


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