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Feb 22, 2016

This will be a very small Recent Trains. I decided this afternoon to drive to Muskogee, about 25 miles, and shoot what I could, just to get out of the house and shoot some train pictures. Issue 148 will be more normal.

The first group of locomotives was led by this UP SD40-2 at the MLK Street crossing near the UP yard office.

After crossing the tracks, I turned down the road on the west side of the engine terminal to get these photos.

This view of the UP engine terminal is from the parking lot where the MKT passenger station once stood.

These BNSF units are sitting at UP connection south of Okmulggee Ave, waiting for permission to head to the former MKT yard to pick up its train.

Next we see the BNSF units on the up heading toward the yard.

The BNSF power returns with a unit coal train heading for its line toward the river.

I next caught the unit coal train as it was rounding the last curve on its direction is now toward the north and Okmulgee Ave.

I caught up with the head end of the unit coal train after it cleared Okmulgee Ave and other important streets and paused.


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