Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

My 2006-07 sabbatical at the University of Wisconsin-Madison began as a 2.5 day working session at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Day 2 began with breakfast at a Krispy Kreme in Rosemount where this in-bound WC commuter passed. We set in the main lobby for our demonstrations. I am explaining "forms of carbon" to some of the staff of the museum. During breaks I shot pictures of the new HO layout. June 2006.

Back in Madison, I got this WSOR freight returning from the west, 6/21/06.

Westbound CP vehicle train sits just east of Portage, WI 6/24/06.

Five ex-SOO (nee-MILW) GP38s sit at the east end of the yard at Portage, WI 6/24/06.

Eastbound Amtrak #8 is arriving at Columbus, WI 2 hours late 6/24/06.

Amtrak #7 "The Empire Builder" had 4 BNSF business cars at Columbus, WI 7/6/06.

Museum located in the former C&NW station in Jefferson, WI 7/9/06

UP #1244, lease unit, and caboose at Jefferson Jct., Wi 7/9/06.

Westbound CP freight at ___ 7/9/06.

Amtrak #7 "The Empire Builder" had 5 BNSF business cars at Columbus, WI 7/9/06.





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