Recent Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

Rochelle, IL
June 17, 2006

UP SD70ACe #5180 leads a stack train west past Railfan Park.

BNSF GE #4227 and a leased EMD roadswitcher serve as the local power operating from Rochelle.

A string of BNSF GEs heads west with an intermodal train having just crossed the UP main.

UP SD70 #4139 leads a west bound vehicle train by Flagg, IL at the west end of Global Three .

UP SD70 #5222 leads a westbound double stack train out of Global Three on track 2.

A trio of SD40-2s on a general merchandize train on track 1 overtake the stack train.

A pair of UP SD40-2s led by #2992 lead an eastbound general freight past Global Three.

A new BNSF GE #7789 displays the latest paint scheme as it leads a westbound intermodal around the curve west of the diamonds and through the signal bridge for the home signal for those crossings.

This train, led by NS #9363, worked the BNSF yard before heading west through the passing track.

This vehicle train is led by UP #4293 as it rolls past Global Three.

June 18, 2006

UP C40-8 #9042 leads a general merchandize train past Railfan Park on a cloudy morning.

The following photo appeared in the Nov. 2006 issue of Trains magazine on page 22.
UP #5308 leads four just delivered C45ACCTEs in numeric order: 5308, 5309, 5310, and 5311. As our train passes on track 2, an eastbound freight passes on track 1. The top shot appeared in Trains magazine after it appeared here.

UP #5312, the next new GE in the series, leads the next westbound stack train past the park.

A BNSF stack train is led by #4030.

UP AC4400 #6535 leads a loaded coal train slowly out of Global Three yard on track 2 as another loaded coal train on track 2 overtakes and passes. The train on the near track, track 2, has two units on the front while the train on track 1 has one unit on the front and one unit as a DPU. Note in the going away shot the lead loco of the coal train on track 1 over the top of the hoppers. In the third frame the train on track 1 takes the lead. In the last frame, note the DPU over the top of the loaded cars in the foreground.

BNSF GE #5387 in very faded paint leads an eastbound stack train past the park.

A pair of GE AC4400s, led by UP #6468 and assisted by ex-SP, patched UP #6325, lead a coal train east past the park.

As seen here, Rochelle Railfan Park is a family favorite. The benches along the track sides of the pavilian allow small children a great view of the action. In most cases, the kids are not from rail fan families, just general public.

UP SD40-2s are not totally gone as illustrated by this train with three on the point. SP units are not the only patched units as shown by this ex-C&NW.

UP still uses AC4400s on its coal trains such as this one led by #6562.

UP uses ex-C&NW SD40-2s on shuttles from Global Three to Global One in Chicago like this train coming out of the yard on its way east.

With the pasage of this vehicle train, it was time to head north to Madison and moving into the dorm for 7 weeks.

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