Murrah Federal Building Memorial
Oklahoma City, OK

Digital Photos by Mike Condren

This plaque is across the street from where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building stood and is on the grounds of the Catholic church which was also damaged.

This tribute to the dead is across the street from the Catholic church grounds and along one of the walls of the Memorial.

This plaque explains the memorial.

Here is the field of chairs.

The museum for the Memorial is located in this building.

This pool of water has a black marble wall at each end. Near the top on the east end is 9:01, the minute before the explosion; the west end has 9:03, the minute after the explosion.

These are the walls at the southeast corner of the former building.

Another view of the field of chairs, each representing a victim of the bombing. The large chairs are for adults. The small chairs represent children.

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