Dealey Plaza
Dallas, TX

Digital Photos by Mike Condren

The Texas School Book Depository as seen from the platforms of Dallas Union Terminal about 3 blocks away. The imfamous 6th floor window is just to the left of the American flag.

While the events described above were taking place, I was finishing my lunch at the University of Arkansas Student Union Cafeteria. As I left the building, I noticed people running to and gathering around cars with radios. I got close enough to hear the news. I then continued on to my US History class in the Business Administration building. Prof. Pine and his seeing eye dog would give us a real lesson in US History that day. Shortly after class began, there was a knock on the door. Prof. Pine went to the door and heard the report from another history professor that the President was dead.

During the Summer and Fall of 1988, I had my first sabbatical of my career at the University of Arkansas. On Nov. 22, a rainy day, I took a walk about campus around 12:45, ending outside the same classroom in the Business Administration building where I had US History 25 years before. I stood and listened to the discussion. Those youngsters had no idea of what they spoke.

This is the Dallas County Courthouse which is now used as a museum. It is located between Main and Commerce on Houston Street, across from Dealey Plaza, a block from the Texas School Book Depository.

This is the view north on Houston Street showing the corner of the Red Courthouse on the right and the Texas School Book Depository on the left. From the square window on the sixth floor the shots were fired that killed JFK.

This is the view from Dealey Plaza of the underpass area. If you look close, there is an X marking the approximate location of JFK's vehicle at the time of the killing shot.

This view is taken from the overpass looking back at the Texas School Book Depository.

The view from the "grassy knoll". The X marks the approximate location of JFK's car when the fatal shot hit him.

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