Chicago Metra

Photos by Mike Condren


Dec. 18, 2006

Our first train was this inbound commuter train with cab car first , powered by Metra MP36 #404 pushing. The triple tracked "race track" was reasonably busy during the 1 hour of our visit. Two freights, one each way were not photographed while I made a potty stop at the Public Library across the park from the station.

Aug. 4, 2007

This Metra had one of the new MP36 units as power. Notice the large number of passengers for a Saturday.

A west bound Metra stops at Hinsdale.

June 14, 2008

As I get off the train at Riverside, I noted that we were meeting an EB BNSF coal train. The rear of the Metra just clears as the power of the coal train comes into view.

Next came the westbound 2:58pm Metra, Riverside, IL.

July 19, 2012

Then we pass yet another Metra train moving into Union Station in preparation for the envening rush hour.

March 16, 2015

This was the next Metra train.

The inbound train is then seen approaching the Carpenter Street crossing.

Next was an outbound Metra.

Then an inbound train appears and meets an outbound Amtrak for Milwaukee.

Two inbound Metra trains are seen in this shot, one for Union Station and one for North Western Station.

An inbound and an outbound Metra trains meet at the Morgan St crossing and then a meet with another inbound.

March 16, 2015

Another Metra train is seen crossing Canal Street on its way into the north end of Union Station.

A light engine is inbound at CP Morgan.

The last Metra I caught at CP Morgan was this inbound.

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