Chicago Metra

Photos by Mike Condren


Aug. 21, 1995

This eastbound express train is seen on the center track in Hinsdale, Il.

A westbound commuter train is seen slowing for its stop at the station in Hinsdale, IL.

Nov. 28, 1998

An east bound commuter train is seen slowing for its stop at the Hinsdale, IL station.

Dec. 18, 2006

The Metra F59 #195 is slowing for the stop at Riverside with the freight visible in the distance.

Aug. 4, 2007

Notice the trees? The scene has shifted to Hinsdale on the BNSF triple track. Notice that the new signal bridge is in place, but the old one is still standing.

The Metra commuters then got close enough together that a new one appears before the last disappeared.

Another Metra heads west.

Metra 186 and train are returning from a trip to Aurora.

A couple of Metras meet at Hinsdale.

A couple of Metras meet at Hinsdale.

June 14, 2008

The next train was the eastbound 3:10 Metra at Riverside.

At 4:01pm this westbound Metra train appears in Riverside. My telephoto lens has really shortened the distance in the last image. That is a two lane street with sidewalks on each side that the people are using to cross the tracks.

The last westbound was this Metra that appeared aqt 4:54pm at Riverside.

July 19, 2012

We soon met this outbound Metra train.

As we back into the Amtrak coach yard, an outbound Metra is seen heading out to the suburbs.

Then we see another Metra heading into the station from their yard.

As we passed over the lead to LaSalle Street Station, this in-bound Metra is approaching Roosevelt Road.

July 21, 2012

We got going again and passed this Metra train sitting in their downtown commuter yard.

After I got to Chicago, I grabbed a bite to eat at Union Station and caught the 12:40pm train to Riverside.
Here is the train that I rode.

The "Z-piggy" then met this westbound Metra first seen leaving the station at Harlem Ave.
As the Metra disappears a BNSF freight peeks over the top of the grade west of Riverside.

March 16, 2015

Next we see a west bound Metra train as it approaches and stops at the Riverside station.

The next train was an inbound Metra train.

A westbound Metra is seen approaching the Berwyn station for its stop.

This eastbound Metra is seen approaching the Berwyn, IL station.

A westbound Metra train is seen stopping at the Berwyn station in the distance.
As it accelerates from the stop, a dark cloud of exhaust is seen pouring from the stacks.
The rain is then seen approaching the stop at Harlem Ave.
Our Metra train is then seen meeting a stopped BNSF intermodal train.
The BNSF inermodal is then seen moving as the Metra train heads west.

Here is another Metra.

My last train at Riverside was this eastbound Metra.

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