Madison Apartment
Monticello Apartments
5001 Sheboygan Apt. 116


Living room.

Dining room


This is the home office/den. In most apartments, this would be the second bedroom.

Guest bathroom.

Master bedroom.

His, right, and her, left, closets.
Master bath.

Some fall images around the apartment, 10/3/06.

Some fall images around the apartment, 11/10/06.

In these images you see Jan waiting for the bus to take her to work while a snow plow clears the street and a garden tractor with snow-broom clears the sidewalk.

Our Christmas decorations, 12/3/06.

A garden tractor with a snow broom clears the side walk in front of our apartment, 1/15/07.

A snowplow clearing the street in front of our apartment during a snow shower on 1/21/07.

Blizzard of 2007

On Feb. 24, 2007, the National Weather Bureau put out a Blizzard Warning for Madison. Here are some pictures the next morning. About Mid-Night we had a snow thunderstorm complete with lightning and thunder. The top view shows the apartment before the snow was cleared from the porch by shovel and the sidewalk by snow blower on the apartment complexes gaden tractor. Jan stepped out onto the patio about Mid-Night, leaving her foot prints. She also tried to make a snowball from snow on the patio railing. The snow in that area came after that time. Then the city snow plow clears the parking area of the street. Pity those who did not park off street and got "powed in". Over night, the wind blew like crazy, creating waste high drifts in front of our apartment.

This image was taken on the morning of March 16 on my way to work. The snow here is what remains of the blizzard and is an area that does not get direct sunlight until late in the afternoon. The high temperatures had been in the 60s earlier in the week which did eliminate most of the snow.

On April 11, 2007, we got another significant April snow storm.

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