Views of Wisconsin




Wisconsin Rapids




The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was photographed near Lodi, WI 6-15-07.

Manitowoc, WI

Sheboygan, WI

The Lottie Cooper was launched by Rand & Burger Shipyard of Manitowoc, WI, 30 Mar 1876 and was named for the daughter of one of the original owners. The vessel was 131 feet long, 27 feet wide, 9 feet in depth of hold, and measured 250 gross tons. She represents a historic period when thousands of commercial wooden sail and steam vessels worked the dangerous waters of the Great Lakes. The 19th-century lake schooner was the 18-wheeler semitrailer truck of its day, and the Grate Lakes was its super highway.

In April of 1896 the three-masted schooner Lottie Cooper was wrecked just off Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in a roaring gale. The wreckage was found buried in Sheboygan Harbor during the construction of the Harbor Marina. The wreckage was recovered and is now on display on Sheboygan's lake front.

Ferry Across Lake Wisconsin

WSOR (former C&NW) bridge over Wisconsin River.

Devil's Lake State Park


Raising of a post and beam barn east of Madison.

Wisconsin fire plug with stripped stick to show fireman in the snow where it is located.

Goose country northwest of Madison

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