Spring Break 2006

Chicago Union Station March 6

Mike and Jan in Chicago Union Station

Bike racks at Memorial Union University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 6

Views from the windows of our room in Memorial Union

Engineers Centers Building, our office is on the third floor this end, lab other end, March 7

View from the Student Lounge of the Center Building

A foggy morning in Madison. Views of Lake Mendota from the end of Park Street, March 7

A couple of views near Engineering Hall: Fountain and Structural Monument

A less foggy morning showing views of Lake Mendota from the end of Park Street on March 8. Note the ice fisherman and Picnic Point across the ice. Two days later, people were eating on the Terrace.

Across Breeze Terrace from ECB is First Congregational Church, where I attend while in Madison, March 8

March 10 was the beginning of the big thaw but the fishermen are still on the ice. By noon people will be eating on the Terrace in spite of the Keep Out signs.
By noon the temperature had risen to the 50s and lots of people were out, even the ice fishermen.