Herbert Jacobs II House
Solar Hemicycle

Old Sauk Road
Middleton, WI
National Landmark Status - 7/31/2003

The Herbert Jacobs II House was owner built with many passive solar energy features. The construction of this house and their earlier Wright designed home are described by Herbert Jacobs in "Building With Frank Lloyd Wright". The Jacobs sold the house to the Taylor family in 1962. The father was a history professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bill Taylor purchased the house from his mother in 1982 and began an extensive renovation.

The house is currently owned by John and Betty Moore. John is a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. John is also Editor of the Journal of Chemical Education, and Betty is its Projects Manager.

The entrance to the second Herbert Jacobs house was through this tunnel that leads to a covered entrance and the hemicircle. Note the sidewall lamp with the characteristic little red square trade mark of Wright.

After passing through the tunnel, one encounters another Wright trademark, a lamp made of plywood with little red squares. Plywood was a favorite material for Wright

Wright designed this second house for Herbert Jacobs so that light from the sun in the summer only reaches the windows. In the window, the sun helps to warm the house by going all the way to the back wall. The cover for the soaking pool is raised and leaning against the windows. This pool continues to the inside and was used by the family after working in the fields at the end of the days.

These views, from the northeast and north, show how the first story of the house is protected from the north winds by being buried under an earthen berm. This design directed the north wind up and over the top of the house.

Here we see the house after dark.

The top view shows the kitchen area while the second view shows the dining-living room area.

The Taylor family converted Caroline Jacobs art studio into living space for their larger family. The Moore's use this space as a guest house.

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