Mad Cow Disease Hits Madison, WI

This summer there has been a bad out break of "Mad Cow" disease. Everywhere you look around town you see examples. You find infected cows down town, on the UW campus, and along famous State Street.

Moo Choo All Aboard is located south of the capital building on Wisconsin Ave. The infection has spread to other cows in this pasture. Across the street is "Animal Magnitism".

How about this "cow magnet"?

How about this one, its markings are different on each side of this poor beast! A view of the Capital from Lake Mendota showing Memorial Union and the Terrace on top and a view from Lake Monona showing Monona Terrace below. By the way, Monona Terrace is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed structure that was completed in the mid-90s.

In front of Memorial Union we find "Stage Cowch" sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank.

These are just a few examples of this infection. I have many more images, such as "Cow Boom" showing the fireworks display.

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