Madison's April Snow

On April 11, 2007, Madison was hit with a late, heavy, wet snow with strong winds blowing the snow horizontally. It made for some very pretty pictures of snow stuck to the trees and other objects.

As I left the apartment to catch the bus at 7:40am, the ground at the apartment was already covered.

Upon arrival at my chemistry office at 8:07am, I took this picture. Note that the grass is not covered. The wind was blowing so hard that it was not completely covering anything.

This Wisconsin and Southern freight roared past at 10:16am in heavy snow, but the grass is still not completely covered and the parking lot is basically clear.

Back at the apartment, Jan took this shot at 11:10am.

Here we see the heat pumps for our apartment and the two floors above us.

Here is the view towards the Red Cross headquarters.

Note the snow impacking onto the vertical surfaces of the trees and the lamp post.

At 11:54am, just before I left for my 12:05pm class I took this picture from my office. The snow has not covered the grass and is covering the parking lot.

At 1:34pm, following class, this view shows a couple of hoppers of coal spotted for the heater.

I took this photo on my way to the bus stop on campus.

All vertical surfaces facing the wind from the east are getting a good coat of snow.

This tree in front of the former Wisconsin General Hospital was covered with snow.

This view looks west down University Ave. from my bus stop.

This bench is a very comfortable place to sit to wait on the bus on a sunny day.

The Monticello Apartment Complex from my bus stop.

View down Sheboygan Ave. of the trees across the street from our apartment.

Looking south down Eau Claire Ave.

Evergreen at the corner of Eau Claire and Sheboygan Ave.

As I got in front of our apartment, the garden tractor with the snow broom is clearing the sidewalk.

There is a lot more snow at the apartment than there was when I left for work.

The Mail must go through, at least to the other building.

These evergreens are directly across the street from our apartment.

The view from our apartment.

Overnight we got another inch of snow, giving us a total of 7". Notice that the west sides of the trees do not have snow packed onto them like the east side.

Here we see the east sides of trees and sides with snow packed onto them.
Here is a tree down and on the other side of the street.

This evergreen is on the same side of the street.
Some more very pretty evergreens on the driveway to the underground garage.

The evergreens collected lots of snow on their east sides. These are beside the apartment parking lot.

Here are the trees in front of one of the 6 buildings that make up our apartment complex.

This is the same scene as the first picture 2 days later and roughly the same time. The snow would last another day in the shadows of the apartment.

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