Memphis Passenger Train Connections


Northern Division Bulletin No. 1

Pine Bluff -- January 1, 1944


Conductors in charge of Train No. 6 will wire joint from Stuttgart, the Grand Central and Union Stations at Memphis, giving passengers they have for connecting lines at Memphis, showing whether passengers are riding on ticket or passes.  You will give Mr. J.G. McKinnon, District Passenger Agent at Memphis, copy of such message.  Operator at Stuttgart will send this message to Memphis as promptly as possible after same has been filed.


Should train No. 6 pick up passengers at Stuttgart, or beyond Stuttgart and Brinkley for Memphis connections, conductor will file another message to these same places at Memphis at first open telegraph office, giving the same information pertaining to the passenger as he did in the first message filed at Stuttgart.




In October 1948, the Missouri Pacific's Memphis Division employee timetable indicated the following "Arbitrary Holds" for passenger trains:


MP train #219 would hold 10 minutes, until 8:10am, for NC&StL #102,

Southern #45, or L&N #101, when revenue passengers were reported.

L&N #198 would hold 10 minutes, until 8:00am, for MP #202.

L&N #104 would hold 10 minutes, until 8:25pm, for MP #220.

Southern #36 would hold 10 minutes, until 8:10am, for MP #202.

Southern #46 would hold 10 minutes, until 7:50pm, for MP #220.


Longer holds could be sometimes be arranged by district passenger agents in cases where larger numbers of passengers were involved.



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