Mid Continent Railway Museum
North Feedom, WI

May 22, 1999

Steam train awaiting departure on the visit of Andrew Oliva and Kenny Young.

Milwaukee Road #988 is a RSD-2. It was built by the American Locomotive Co. in January of 1947.

This end of a former wooden passenger car was on the hill side above the museum.

Here we see some of the out door exhibits at the museum.

The locomotives are fueled by this coal loader.

This UTRX tank car was built by Lima Locomotive & Machine Co. in June 1907. It uses arch bar trucks.

The passenger train is seen in the station awaiting another departure.

Saginaw Timber #2 is working hard as it approaches Ulrich Rd.
Saginaw Timber #2 is topping the grade at Summit.

Our passenger train is seen approaching La Rue, WI.

Station stop at La Rue.

The steamer is next seen on its return trip to North Freedom.

The train is next seen at the top of the grade at Summit.

The train is then seen arriving at the station in North Freedom.

UTLX #17550 was built by Union Tank Car Co., September 1937.

The crew is then seen relaxing between runs.

The engine is seen after it cuts off the train at the station.

The engine is then seen running around its train.

The engine is then seen heading for the water tower.
Taking water at North Freedom.

The engine iw then seen coupling to the train.


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