Mid Continent Railway Museum
North Feedom, WI

Feb. 14, 1999

I made a trip to North Freedom, WI and the Mid-Continent Rail Museum for the "no snow" Snow Day where I took the following shots with some snow on the ground.

Saginaw Timber 2 is seen steaming at the station in North Freedom.

This water tank is just across the road from the station in North Freedom.

The engine is seen leaving its train in the station.

This Oregon Short Line rotary snow plow sits across from the station.

The passenger train is seen leaving North Freedom.
The passenger train is seen backing into the station.

Dardanelle & Russellville #9 was parked in the yard.

Western Coke & Coal #1 appears being under going repair.

Note the ice cyles on the water tower with the passenger train sitting at the station.

The passenger train is seen topping the grade on its trip to the end of the line.

And now for the chase!

I next caught the train passing the La Rue station.

This S-1 switcher was built in 1944 by the American Locomotive Co. for John Morrell & Co. Meat Packing as their #7. It is seen here leading another passenger train near La Rue, WI.
This C&NW drovers caboose was one of the cars in the train.

We then see the passenger train backing into the station with this C&NW business car 440 on the rear.

The switchman is seen lining the switch for the steamer to run around its train for another trip.

Our steamer is seen taking on water before its trip.
The fireman is seen topping off the tank of water.

The diesel powered passenger train is seen returning from its trip.

Th switch is lined for the steamer to return to its train.

Our steamer is shown coupled on to the passenger train at the station.

Winter time shots of steam engines produces better pictures of clouds of smoke and steam. such as seen in the first picture

The train is seen beyond the top of the grade.

The train is next seen at the grade crossing.

Next we see the following diesel passenger.

We next see the returning steam train at La Rue.

The train is next seen at the top of the grade on its way back to the museum.

The steamer is next seen after it dropped its train at the station.

The diesel powered passenger train is then seen passing the engine house at North Freedom.


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