Digital Pictures of
Ken McElreath's Layout
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Photos for Figures 1-11 were taken by Mike Condren in 1999.
Photos for Figures 12-73 are by Bill Hirt, the Regional Coordinator for the NMRA MCoR Operations SIG.
Photos for Figures 74- were taken by Ken Breher in 2002 and 2003.
Figure 1. South throat of Birmingham Terminal Station.

Figure 2. Frisco NW-2 switching Birmingham Terminal Station.

Figure 3. Birmingham Terminal Station South Tower Approach.

Figure 4. Vulcan Pipe and Foundry Company from East Thomas Yard.

Figure 5. Koppers Coke By-products Co. on Birmingham Southern RR with IC "Seminole"
(CofG power) passing Quinton in background.

Figure 6. Future East Thomas engine terminal, used jointly by Frisco, Illinois Central and Central of

Figure 7. Another view of the future East Thomas engine terminal.

Figure 8. Birmingham Southern RR Fairfield Engine Facility on the lower level and Citadel Cement Co
on the upper level.

Figure 9. Frisco 4-6-0 at Sipsey Junction with Sipsey Branch mine turn.
Figure 10. Future East Thomas Yard Engine Terminal.
Figure 11. BSRR Alco RSD-5.

Figure 12. Frisco train #106 "Kansas City - Florida Special" leaving Birmingham Terminal Station northbound for Memphis.

Figure 13. Seaboard manifest freight "The Capitol" from Richmond VA arrives at Birmingham, with Terminal Station south throat in background.

Figure 14. Birmingham Terminal Station, with Seaboard 32nd Street yard (under construction) in foreground.

Figure 15. Birmingham Southern RR's Ensley (34th Street) yard, with Vulcan Pipe & Foundry in background.

Figure 16. EMD SW8's and Alco S2 at Birmingham Southern engine terminal at Fairfield.

Figure 17. Birmingham Southern engine terminal, with Citadel Cement Co. in background.

Figure 18. Citadel Cement Co. with FM H1544 plant switcher.

Figure 19. Dora Oil Co. and other industries at Dora AL on Frisco Ry.

Figure 20. Caboose of Seaboard manifest freight arriving at Birmingham.

Figure 21. East Thomas Yard arrival tracks (SLSF, CofG, IC joint yard.)

Figure 22. East Thomas engine facility (under construction.)

Figure 23. Thomas Junction tower at crossing of SLSF and BS railroads.

Figure 24. Seaboard Ry. downtown 32nd Street yard (under construction.)

Figure 25. Parallel BS RR and SLSF Ry Bessemer lines at Fairfield.

Figure 26. Woodward Iron Co. crossing and BS engine terminal at Fairfield.

Figure 27. Frisco train #106 northbound to Memphis.

Figure 28. Frisco train #106 passing through Dora..

Figure 29. Feed store and welding shop at Dora, with Sipsey branch junction in background.

Figure 30. Frisco engine #1522 with southbound train #107 "The Sunnyland" passing through Dora.

Figure 31. Frisco train #107 arriving Birmingham Terminal Station from

Figure 32. Birmingham Terminal Station south throat and engine servicing facility.

Figure 33. Birmingham Terminal Station south throat.

Figure 34. Little Warrion River barge terminal and lift bridge on BS RR.

Figure 35. Illinois Central RR northbound manifest freight train for Jackson TN and Chicago, crossing Little Warrior River on truss bridge.

Figure 36. IC northbound freight train passing Quinton on SLSF Ry (IC trackage rights from Birmingham to Jasper AL.

Figure 37. IC freight train passing Palos AL on upper level; BS at Fairfield on lower level.

Figure 38. Southern Stone Co. spur (under construction.)

Figure 39. BS Ensley yard with Alco RS3.

Figure 40. BS Ensley yard tower and crew building.

Figure 41. BS Ensley yard control panel.

Figure 42. TCI&RR Co.(US Steel) junction at BS Ensley yard.

Figure 43. Woodward Iron Co. crossing and interchange with BS and SLSF at Woodward.

Figure 44. Scene at Dora on SLSF Ry (under construction.)

Figure 45. Dora AL in background.

Figure 46. IC train southbound #53 "City of Miami" passing Palos for Birmingham on SLSF joint trackage.

Figure 47. IC train #53 southbound "City of Miami" arriving at Birmingham on trestle, passing Vulcan Pipe & Foundry Co.

Figure 48. IC train #53 arriving at the Birmingham Terminal Station.

Figure 49. SAL arriving freight and IC train #53, showing umbrella sheds at Birmingham Terminal Station.

Figure 50. Dora AL background.

Figure 51. Frisco line through Dora and crossing the Little Warrior River on deck truss bridge.

Figure 52. Downtown Birmingham area.

Figure 53. Whitson Coal & Coke Co. office in East Birmingham.

Figure 54. Whitson Coal & Coke Co.

Figure 55. Downtown Birmingham scene.

Figure 56. TCI&RR Co. (US Steel) Baldwin DRS 6-6-1500 at Ensley AL.

Figure 57. Whitson Coal & Coke Co. spur at East Birmingham.

Figure 58. Whitson Coal & Coke Co. spur at East Birmingham.

Figure 59. James Lumber Co. at Dora.

Figure 60. Dora AL Frisco station and Main Street scene.

Figure 61. Woodward Iron Co. interchange and crossing at Woodward AL, with Koppers Coke By-products Co. on right.

Figure 62. Koppers Coke By-products plant at Woodward.

Figure 63. BS RR engine facility at Fairfield.

Figure 64. Overhead view of Vulcan Pipe & Foundry Co. scrapyard and hot metal train at Pratt City.

Figure 65. BS RR barge terminal on the Little Warrior River.

Figure 66. SLSF Ry through truss bridge, with Dixie Machine Tool Co. at Ensley in background.

Figure 67. Vulcan Pipe & Foundry Co. melt shop at Pratt City.

Figure 68. Overhead view of BS Ensley yard and TCI&RR Co. junction, with SLSF Ry on trestle.

Figure 69. BS RR Ensley yard tower.

Figure 70. Federal Barge Lines towboat "Little Warrior Princess" on Little Warrior River.

Figure 71. Thomas Junction tower with VP&F Co. in background.

Figure 72. Whitson Coal & Coke Co. at East Birmingham.

Figure 73. Whitson Coal & Coke Co. at East Birmingham.

Figure 74. Frisco Switcher for Sipsey Branch (2-8-0 #1273) at Sipsey
Junction, near Dora.

Figure 75. Frisco 4-8-2 #1522 slowing for station stop at Dora with Train
#107 "The Sunnyland."

Figure 76. Southbound IC Train #53 "City of Miami" passing through Dora.

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