Colwill Family

These family photos were taken at Round Lake in 1946
Phyliis, Dick, and Tom Colwill Tom, Conet, and Phyllis Colwill
Phyllis Colwill Tom Colwill

Conet and Phyllis Colwill, Geneva Smith holding Bill Colwill. In front row are Isabell and Tom Colwill.
Phyllis and Bill Colwill

Bill and Tom Colwill in 1948

Conet and Bill Colwill in Milwaukee, WI
Bill, Tom and Conet Colwill in Milwaukee

Conet and Bill Colwill with Arvel Smith, Sr in 1948

Richard Colwill family in Naperville, IL, 1953. L to r: Conet, Tom, Bill, Phyllis, and Dick
Conet, Tom, Bill, Phyllis Colwill and Geneva Smith in Naperville in 1953.
Conet, Tom, Bill, and Phyllis Colwill at the Brookfield Zoo in 1953.
Tom, Phyllis, Bill, and Conet Colwill
Dec. 1953

Conet, Phyllis, and Bill Colwill at Mendon Ponds Park in New York

Tom, Bill, Conet, and Phyllis Colwill Conet Colwill
Phyllis Colwill Bill Colwill


Tom Colwill Bill Colwill

Phyllis Colwill, High School Graduation in June 1958.

Tom Colwill, Jenette, Janice, and Phillip Cole, and Conet Colwill

Conet Colwill's Funeral

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