Good Days around Duplainville -- 3
Oct. 13-14

Photos by Dave Ingles

Wednesday, October 13. and Thursday, October 14, continued our run of good fall weather, and once again it was time to prowl around Duplainville. The first day netted 12 trains, with 1 missed, from 2:15 to 5:15 p.m., 3 hours. First was this southbound CN, at Joseph Road just south of the diamond: 8002/2644, 2:17 p.m.

Just a serene fall view west on Green Road in Pewaukee, just north of the CP tracks and west of Duplainville.

We'd gone west to photograph Amtrak #8, but the camera misfired, so no shot: engines 8/50, 11 cars, at 2:31. A CN northbound was next (when I don't give the train i.d., it means we didn't hear it on the scanner), at MP 103 by Capitol Drive north of the Dupy diamond: 2552 IC 2464 at 2:48. Note the "Duplainville" signpost, seen against the first tri-level car, here at MP103, nowhere near the diamond or either siding switch.

Consist of the day again went to the CP for DM&E power on #276, nearing the diamond at 2:53 behind IC&E 6102, obviously ex-MRL/DM&E 6364/CITX 3102, another leaser.

Looking for different angles nearby, I went east a mile and a half from the diamond to Barker Road for CP #283, 8624 only, at 3:21. Back a few cars from the engine, the train is passing over the mighty Fox River, whose headwaters rise a few miles north of here and flow south thru Waukesha, Burlington, and into Illinois, thru Fox Lake, Elgin, and Aurora, emptying into the Illinois River at Ottawa.

North of the Duplainville diamond about 1 mile the CN crosses over Spring Creek and nears the "Quad Holding Signal," which is on the main line only, a remnant of the former home signal for the old passing siding, which was very short. This is #335, 5627/2582, which would set out 20 cars at the siding's north end "set out track." Time here is 3:34 pm.

Back to the spot in Pewaukee where I blew the shot of Amtrak #8, just east of the Hwy. 16 overpass and west of the end of two main tracks by about a half mile, for this train, #280, 8564 only with 90 cars at 4:20 p.m. I knew Amtrak #7 was already running a bit late, as that is about his time to go by here.

Right behind #280 was local G67, again with Soo 4434, and 9 cars, at 4:27.

Amtrak #7 finished the digital action photos for the day at the same spot: engines 78/193 and 11 cars, 4:39. I missed a shot of CP #281 at 4:50, reported to have a red Soo SD60, a white Soo SD60, and a CP GE, which would've been "consist of the day." Totally didn't know he hadn't gone by yet -- usually he's by in early afternoon. I did photo one more train, but a slide only, CN #342, 8801/2660/2240, in Waukesha at 5:08 p.m.

The next day, Thursday the 14th, traffic was lighter but I did get 5 trains. The morning was cloudy, but that didn't stop Carol and me from going to Duplainville to photo the DM&E business train heading west from Chicago to La Crosse; it had come up from Kansas City to Nahant (Davenport) two days previous, and then went from Nahant to Bensenville. It was supposed to go on from La Crosse to the Twin Cities and then out to North Dakota and back, but that all changed and the train tied up in La Crosse and then went on to Winona and on west on the DM&E, needed for some function "on-line." We let a CN northbound go by with no digital shots at 11:15, 8002/2644 with 76 cars. Finally, after some delays, the DM&E train passed Duplainville at 12:05, photos by Carol Ingles as I took slides.

After lunch and some time at home, the weather cleared, so I went back to Pewaukee for Amtrak #8, 23/57, 11 cars, 3:08 p.m.

A CN southbound was next: 2253/2283 at Joseph Road with 82 cars, 3:28 pm.

Skies had clouded up again when #7 finished the day's action: 129/205/50, 12 cars with PV Caritas on the rear (slide only), on- time at 4:15 p.m. The next day, Jeff Madden and I headed for Illinois again on the BNSF's C&I line; that is a separate group of photos.

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