April 2016 Local Action

by Dave Ingles

Saturday, April 2nd, my first day of photography for the month, was a unique day weather-wise, having deposited a small snow cover overnight, which was bound to melt by mid-afternoon. As the day progressed, scattered snow squalls coming in off Lake Michigan countered the alternate stretches of sunlight and clear blue sky. I began by taking a photo of our home as I left the house after 1 p.m. to go find some trains, just to prove we'd had some snow! Note the wet snow was still clinging to the north side of trees and roofs. This view looks south-southeast.

As I neared Duplainville and crossed the CP on Springdale Road, I became aware of a westbound, and an eastbound, on the way since Track 1's home signal was lined with a high yellow, meaning OK to cross the CN but expect a stop signal at Pewaukee, end of double track. It was a little early for Amtrak #8, which uncharacteristically was running about an hour late. Mostly it's been spot on-time all month, thanks to BNSF's improving the line capacity and its overall traffic being down. The eastbound showed up first, coming thru a snow squall just west of Duplainville. His head end passed me at 2:18 p.m. with BNSF 5535/ CP 8853 up front. In the first going-away view, you can -- just barely -- spot the headlight on the westbound, coming thru the sag and across the Fox River bridge a mile to the east. Would I get skunked?

No, I would not, thanks to the westbound, an empty grain train, dogging it before having to stop at Pewaukee. His units passed me at 2:20: NS 9674 /CP 9547/ NS 2762. A strong wind really buffeted me as I shot this almost-meet.

I decided to go east for Amtrak #8, first choosing the parallel street linking subdivisions at MP 101 that parallels the CP. The first photo shows the snow squall clouds' northern edge as the snow flurries move south. As clouds lingered, though, I could tell clearing was coming so I moved on east to MP 99.75 or so, on the dead-end road to Brookfield's recycling center and Streets Dept MofW vehicle shop. The next shot looks west at the developing scene, followed by the Empire Builder coming by, units 122/45 with 10 cars, at 2:37, under a clear sky! He'd obviously crossed over to Track 1 at Dupy.

Next I headed into Waukesha, and bam (!), right back into that same Duplainville snow squall; the photo is where County F (old 164) meets U.S. 18, just across the Fox River from the south switch of Waukesha passing siding. My target was our local switcher, at the time GTW 6226 (ex-DT&I 226), which customarily does not work Saturdays, during the day at least. I managed to get a nice "snowy" photo, then a quasi-sunlit one which i'm not presenting (why spoil the mood), both around 3 p.m..

Then the day's magical weather disappeared, and clouds settled in. I got one more train this day, a southbound CN potash extra behind 8914/5687/5790 at 3:56. I deemed the weather not worth returning to Dupy for Amtrak #7 and called it a day. There were NCAA Final Four Semifinals to watch -- though not for brackets' sake, as ours like many had been bombed by Michigan State losing early.

Tuesday, April 5, was sunny and when I was in downtown Waukesha, I chanced onto CN local L504 leaving for Burlington, with GTW 6226 pulling 16 cars, here at MP 98 crossing Hartwell Avenue at 11:40 a.m., giving us that good old non-turbocharged EMD engine sound!

Almost 2 hours later, I was up around Duplainville and ran into a CN meet, first shooting CN stack train 199, behind 2246/2299, crossing Spring Creek at 1:37.

Amtrak #8 was on-time, so I'd thought it odd that the northbound CN stacker was given the signal for the CP diamond, and sure enough, after making that shot I found #8 stabbed, sitting to the west of Duplainville. I grabbed a shot -- units 60/816 with 11 cars, nothing unusual so not presented here -- at 1:41, probably not enough delay to keep him from leaving Milwaukee on-time at 2:07. The southbound CN train in the passing siding didn't move after Amtrak cleared, so I assumed, correctly, another northbound was in the picture. I went to the city-owned lane at CN's "Quad holding signal," which isn't plowed in winter and can be muddy, to shoot the northbound, empty tank cars behind GEs 2914/2873, at 2 p.m.

The southbound was going to pull, so I headed back toward home to shoot him in Waukesha, trying a somewhat different angle from Barstow St. as he crossed Carroll St., which some years back was converted to a pedestrian-only crossing. He came past me at 2:20 with units 2808/2904.

I wondered if he'd meet another northbound down at Vernon, and sure enough he did, but in checking signals and trying for a different angle I outsmarted myself and he got into town faster than I thought. Turns out he had 4 units and I was in a bad spot to get 'em all, so from the corner I look east on Carroll St. from Barstow, behind units 2848/2931/2196 and one more whose number I didn't get, at 3 p.m. sharp. Note that it had clouded up by this point, so I called it a day.

Wednesday, April 6, was overcast when I went out just to look for Amtrak #8, running on-time as usual lately, so I selected a spot in Pewaukee on the north side of the track, the Village Park, a couple city blocks east of the lakefront site. He came along at 1:35 p.m., engines 133/118 with the usual 11 cars.

Checking out Duplainville, I found a CN northbound on the passing siding, though he was parked, the clouds had darkened, and he had a 5700-series EMD in the lead, of which I am not fond at all unless it looks fresh, which virtually none of them do. So took a pass and went into Waukesha, where northbound stacker #199 surprised me at the depot at 1:52, so as it was lightening up a bit, I went back to Dupy. I had no more gotten there when an eastbound CP freight following Amtrak showed up, units 9731/8766/CSX 137, at 2:12 p.m.; given the mixed power, I shot it, showing you the level of desperation around here vs. the sameness of solid dirty CP red or new GEs on CN. That SUV on Marjean Lane was not a casual employee leaving one of the firms on this dead-end road, no it was a railfan who showed up, made a U-turn, and drove right thru my line of fire.

That CN #199 that surprised me in Wauksha had a standard-cab unit trailing, so as he got to the CP diamond, I went back north to shoot him from a better angle, units 2327/2026 (ex-C&NW/UP Dash 8 i think) at 2:44. Back at the diamond, a westbound CP train showed up behind 2 NS units at 2:57, but I didn't bother.

Another CN northbound showed up, for which I was parked at the Green Road crossing, and the third unit surprised me -- the second shot here is just usual "wasted frame," as I shoot the cab of trailing units to get their numbers, write that down, and delete the frame. Not this one! It was my first-ever shot of a full-CN-lettered Missabe "tunnel motor." Power here is 2264/8875/DMIR 408, at 3:14.

I concluded the visit shooting a northbound CN merchandiser, the local switcher (GTW 6226) on the set-out track at MP 104, and Amtrak #7, on-time at 4:13 with units 60/816 again and 11 cars, none of the three shots in the gathering gloom worth repeating here. We will now interrupt trains for 4 "people pictures." On Friday, April 8th, friends Chuck Weinstock of Pittsburgh and John Arbuckle of Hutchinson, Kans., were in town, via rental car from Chicago, to visit the Milwaukee School of Engineering's museum which was having a display of North Shore Line poster art from days of yore, and to have dinner with Carol and me. The next day, they would attend the annual gathering in Lake Forest, Ill., of the Center for Rail Photography and Art.  We were joined by local friends Jeff and Janet Madden and Otto Dobnick and Nancy Anderson at the Country Squire in Muskego, to give our visitors a good "Wisconsin Supper Club" experience. The photos are presented in that order, left to right, top to bottom (out-of-towners, Maddens, Otto and Nancy, Carol and Dave). I think it was Chuck who took Carol and my picture. It being a Fish Fry Friday and the club not taking reservations, we 8 met early at 5 p.m., but the place was still getting crowded, so shots of each twosome was the only practical way to do the photos.

Saturday, April 9th, was sunny, so I went out after Amtrak #8 had gone, just to see whatever else showed up in the afternoon, a typically busy time of day. It turned out to be a 9-train, 3-hour outing! First was this CP eastbound, shot near MP 101 in Brookfield where the locals from two subdivisions have beaten a "trespassing" pedestrian crossing to Mitchell County Park: 8915/8847 at 3:05 p.m.

Second was a southbound CN train of tank cars, placarded "1268" (petroleum distillates), shot at County K north of the north switch of the long (3.5 miles, more or less) Duplainville passing siding, units 2283/5679 at 3:17, a routine shot I'm not posting. He went into the siding so I went on south, getting him next creeping underneath the Capitol Drive overpass, a spot that won't work as well after the foliage comes out. Note that in the shadow of the overhead highway there was still some snow cover! In the 4th shot, the front engine is right at the MP 103 signpost My goal this day was to try some different angles, as all this same local stuff -- same engines, same vantage points -- gets pretty boring. The area under Capitol Drive had been either muddy or full of plowed snow piles.

Next came 2 CN northbounds, which I saw and shot at Green Road across the empty (on a weekend) Quad/Graphics plant's south parking lot, then at Spring Creek bridge (from the road), then up at, or near, either the MP 105 signpost or the Weyer Road grade crossing. I'm only presenting 1 or 2 of these per train. First was stacker #119, engines 8833/BCOL 4608 (finally, something different!), by me at Green at 3:40 and across the creek 6 minutes later. He was followed by a merchandiser behind 2265/5667, across Green at 3:59, the creek at 4:01, and by MP 104 -- where he passed the DPUs on 2283 South -- which were 2255/8844 -- at :403. I'd seen the DPUs in driving by, but they were on a short stretch where the adjacent field (yet unplanted) obscured their trucks, but regardless, it was time with the 2nd northbound to try a grab shot of the "meet" with the DPUs.

Time to state the obvious, that April, on a sunny day before the foliage leafs out, provides the brightest possible lighting conditions all year, during midday, one reason I went out so much on this month's nice days. It now was time for Amtrak No. 7, on-time at 4:12 with engines 79/157 and 11 cars, to come thru, further delaying CN 2283 South. The Empire Builder was the 5th train I'd shoot; the photo is included only for continuity. For once Marjean Lane's parking lane was allowing a clear broadside here.

Finally after Amtrak #7 it was time to release CN 2883 South, so I went to the Joseph Road dead-end just south of Duplainville, where when it's dry I can drive right to the tracks to shoot. This is just south of the switch where I watched our L504 local with the IC black GP40 switch the customer last month (see March 2016 Local Action file). The tank train was by me at 4:26, and this time I got good shots of his rear-end DPUs, at 4:29.

Now it was Canadian Pacific's turn, which as it turned out consisted of three trains out of Milwaukee after Amtrak #7. Since it was a weekend, I went to the office park at MP 103 where one can shoot across what we call a "mosquito retention pond," whose aeration "fountain" was not yet turned on for the season. The first train, my 6th of the afternoon, was #281, running about 3 hours behind its recent normal,, by me at 4:59 behind NS 8365/ NS 8903/ CP 9768/ CP 2215, the latter small "ECO" Geep probably bound for local duty someplace.

Not having my scanner on, I would've missed the next guy here, but in "doing my paperwork" I lingered just long enough to "hear something," and 5 minutes behind #281 here came #289, behind NS 9581/ NS 8928/ CP 8528, at 5:04 on the other track.

By "paperwork," i mean that when Carol is not along, I snap digital frames of all rear units to get the numbers, and if I've brought my notebook, enter it all before moving and killing the digital frames in the D700. Besides, I wasn't expecting anything else. Wrong. CP-beaver--breath! I did make it over to the lakefront just in case, as I'd noticed #289 was slowing down, as if to stop at end of double track. Sure enough, at 5:22 came stack train #199 behind it, with 135 cars (25 trilevels up front, the rest container wells) behind 8850/8513. (Those 81 8500s from 1998, a series still intact, hang in there; they are technically owned by Soo Line, though it is not evident on their exteriors, at least from a distance.) Note that the earlier scattered clouds, a nice touch for photos, have dissipated.

After #199 left, #289 followed him, and even tho my shot got a bit clouded, here it is, at 5:53. He had 151 cars.

It was time to head for the barn, but there was one more train, my 9th and final one. Moreover, it provided for some chasing. Just for grins, I drove up to Hwy. K on CN to see if a southbound was lined up, and it was -- turned out to be a tank train (I think ethanol? -- CN hauls virtually no crude thru here that I'm aware of) with 3 units up front, 2254/2527/2244, ho hum, which I shot at MP 105 at 5:56. I watched it go by and lo, it had a DPU, black IC SD70 1015! Many of these are either repainted or on the Bessemer & Lake Erie now, I'm told, so it was time to burn some pixels and chase. I am in a minority who really like the IC's 1987 black color scheme, it's like old green-diamond times! (BTW, I haven't shot local slides since Feb. 29th). So I followed him south, watched his rear half go into Waukesha at 6:10 and finally went home for dinner to end a surprisingly very good afternoon. While I've got your attention, looking up a tank-car placard code or three put me on the Internet, and so here I'll include some codes. The sources were sometimes unclear and sometimes confusing, so if you see any errors, please let me know; thanks. Commonly seen placard four-digit numbers on railroad tank cars include 1005 anhydrous ammonia, 1017 chlorine, 1075 liquefied petroleum gas, 1090 acetone, 1170 non-denatured ethanol, 1203 gasoline, 1268 petroleum distillates, 1789 hydrochloric acid, 1824 sodium hydroxide (liquid caustic soda), 1830 sulfuric acid, 1987 denatured alcohol (ethanol), 1993 flammable liquid-toxic, 2014 or 2015 hydrogen peroxide, 2187 carbon dioxide, 2448 molten sulfur, and 3065 alcoholic beverages :-)

Sunday, the 10th, was overcast, but I went trackside just for a break and shot 5 trains in an hour including Amtrak #7, but to avoid boring repetition am presenting only 2 trains here, those with a bit of variety: a 73-car CP eastbound at Duplainville at 4:05 behind NS 2736/ CSX 3022/ UP 6021/ UP 8919, and the final one, 69-car CP #289 with CSX 8728/ CP 9714 at 4:50.

On Tuesday, Jeff Madden and i headed out early for a slide show in Jackson, Wis., but wound up getting only two CN trains, stackers meeting at Ackerville siding. Northbound #119 came by the south switch, at Hillside Road, behind 2272/2266 at 4:20, and southbound #198 passed us, at the same spot, 10 minutes later with wells totaling 437 axles between head-end unit 2267 and the last car, excepting the 6 axles of mid-train DPU 8008. Note the truck motorist trapped between the WSOR and CN tracks in the crossing before #198 passed.

When I was in Waukesha on a sunny, 60-degree Thursday, the 14th, CN #445 surprised me at a grade crossing and it had a standard-cab unit leading, so I went north, shot a routine on-time Amtrak #8 approaching Duplainville, and then re-shot #445 crossing Spring Creek at 1:50 behind units 2118/2529.

Not far behind #445 came #347, led by 2825/3051, the latter a brand-new GEVO, which pulled up at Weyer Road to await a meet. The southbound was #198, with 2665 up front and DPU 2656 on the rear. I shot the meet, with Duplainville regular Ron Wischer in front of me, soon joined by a young fan in another car, at 2:50.

Next up was Amtrak #7, which I shot from the shady side at "Pewaukee" (end of double track) just for a change: 79/157, 11 cars, on-time at 4:16. CP #189 followed him a half hour later, 8916/9372 at 4:40.

I finished the day by finally getting our ex-DT&I GP38-2 properly pointed on local L504 in action, in Waukesha with 9 cars coming thru the old Main St. yard site at 5:27 p.m.

My only train photo of the traditional "tax day," Friday April 15 (deadline this year was Monday the 18th for a reason I forget) was this one of a southbound CN at County M, Watertown Plank Road, at 6:08 as Carol and I left the Crossings restaurant, where we'd gone for supper. By "sandbagging" on the road shoulder, I could pull up first in line to make the photo from the van: new GE 3044 leading 2880 with 89 cars.

I'd been at the Kalmbach office much of the day, and in so doing I missed some great action around Duplainville with a bunch of off-line units, including BNSF, CSX and NS but no "heritage" units or anything that special. One train I am posting here is a sequence taken by Ron Wischer, of a southbound CN with four ex-Chicago & Illinois Midland SD20s in tow behind the power, shot up near Weyer Road. No one was expecting the in-tow units, now property of and bound for Larry's Truck Electric (LTEX) in eastern Ohio. As far as I know, these units have been working in Upper Michigan on the former Inland Lime & Stone line, which goes from a quarry to a transloader on the top of Lake Michigan near Manistique. I think they directly replaced Wisconsin Central SDL39s, which worked there until WCL was taken by CN. Whether the facility is closed or just has another set of leased diesels I don't know; it was electrified "back in the day." C&IM had these units (80-series, 5 of them) a very short time before G&W took over and renamed it I&M. Two had black I&M initials put on the C&IM green paint, the others were never re-lettered. Built as SD24s for Southern, the were rebuilt at Paducah by and for ICG.

Saturday, April 16th, was a nice day, so I went "on patrol" and wound up shooting 9 trains in 3 hours. To begin with, I went to CN's "Quad Holding signal" at about MP 103.5, installed by WC I think in the spot the old Soo Line approach signal for east- or south bounds was when Duplainville passing siding was much shorter than now. The lane toward the track is not paved so for me, this opportunity is "seasonal." CN #341 was crawling by stack train #198, parked in the siding, at 1:20 p.m., engines 2940/2813/2551/2535. The rear-end view of #341 (which may be #347?) shows the similar height of its rear trilevel auto racks with #198's double-stacks.

It was time for Amtrak #8, on-time as usual, and the office park's aeration "fountain" at MP 103 was working. Engines 71/133 and 11 cars at 1:41. You cannot tell this spot is amidst offices, parking lots and, across the CP tracks, many apartments and condos.

A very backlit CN #119 was next, at Joseph Road at 1:49, with 8872/8921 up front. Silly me, I thought #198 would be next.

CN #198 wasn't even let go after #119 crossed, because at 2:18, here came CP #199, the half trilvel-half stacks train behind 8841/8849. He had 17 trilevels and over 100 wells.

NOW it was #198's turn, so I was back at Joseph Road for him at 2:28, units 2877/2838/5713/5744, the last two off-line.

Back in Waukesha, CN #199 came past the old Main St. yard site at 3:43 behind 2902/2833. He was followed by L504's unit, GTW 6226, running light (long-end ahead) to tie up for the day. By then it was almost time for Amtrak #7, so I went back north.

But first, CP #289 came by, slowing to wait for #7 to overtake him, so I shot him at the MP 103 "pond," engines 8524/8786, at 4:07. When all the foliage is out for summer, this spot won't be nearly as "open."

I just stayed put for the Empire Builder, which concluded the day's shooting, engines 60/23 with 11 cars on-time at 4:13.

Always trying, on suspected routine subjects, for a slightly different angle, on the sunny Sunday of April 17, I discovered that Amtrak #7 was lined west on Track 2, so I went to Brookfield to get him passing the old MILW depot. There is supposedly a deal in place with the city and CP to eventually have the MofW forces vacate the building -- allegedly the oldest railroad depot in the state still in use on-site -- and move it about 2 city blocks' worth to the west and south of the main tracks, next to or on the old original alignment of what became the branch thru Waukesha and Whitewater to Milton and then Madison, which originally split off the main just east of the depot. In this sequence,I am parked on the city's private road off Brookfield Rd. to its recycling center and MofW vehicles garage, and my Local Action files have many photos taken from just east of the gates to those facilities. The branch (track still there under all the foliage) will become a trail and the depot a trail house and mini-museum, 1,000 feet or so directly in back of where I'm parked, but a bit lower as the road goes to track level. Anyway, here is #7 with 11 cars behind 71/133 on-time at 4:13. The 3-story apartment building behind it has a good pizza-wine restaurant on the first (porch) floor, with a few "good view tables" (Kevin Keefe's retirement party was held here) and more such apartments are going up to the east -- which will rise behind the depot as we see it in these photos. The fresh earth in the foreground is where a new sewer or water line was recently installed. The city is trying to boost development in this immediate area of "The Village," which of course when the MILW Road ancestor built thru here founded the community.

From Brookfield I went west to check the CN and soon this southbound 105-car potash extra showed up, which I shot at Joseph Road at 4:32, engines CSX 7379/479/601, the going-away shot thru the van's passenger-side window.

It was a quiet afternoon. Back in Waukesha the CN signals stayed lined for a southbound, but it was 5:30 before #348 showed up, with 97 cars behind 2864/2935 at the old Main St. yard site.

On Wed., April 20th I almost outsmarted myself when after a routine Amtrak #8 went by, I saw a CP empty oil train --- something we see a lot less of these days, of course -- and headed west on Wis. 16 freeway to get ahead of him for a good shot. I got off 16 at Nashotah and was ahead of him, but instead of settling for a shot near the old depot, I headed on east for the curve about 3/4 mile away . . . and didn't quite make it. But as I pulled over onto the shoulder of the fortunately empty road, I did get a shot between the trees that a week later with leaves out, would be not good. Time is 1:53, engines CSX 596/ CSX 5103/ BNSF 4915.

Not far behind him, as I went thru Pewaukee, was a westbound 99-car grain extra, which I shot at the lakefront curve at 2:18, engines 8535/ BNSF 8793, to finish the day's photography.

Following Jeff Madden's and my successful 4 afternoon hours at Rochelle, Ill. (Visit to Rochelle April 23), my next photos were on Wed., April 27th. Alerted by Steve Glischinski of St. Paul that the Amtrak Exhibit Train cars would be on the back of #7, despite increasing cloudiness I fought all the freeway construction to go to downtown Milwaukee so as to photograph the train at slow speed and showing the great length of the consist. No one else was on hand to photograph that I saw. Steve needed to know how the consist was lined up, so I also went east of the depot to check the rear end, and in so doing had to race back to my chosen spot, or rather a Plan B. (The train on April 30-May 1 was to make its first-ever display stop in the Twin Cities; it had passed thru there a few times, usually with the Exhibit Train and its engines between the live power and the regular Empire Builder baggage car and Superliners.)

Plan A was to photograph #7 west of the 13th St. grade crossing from the parallel street (the depot is at the foot of 5th St.), but as I crossed the tracks, right about departure time of 3:52, I spotted headlights to the west of an approaching CP freight. So as to not get skunked (cut off), I turned east but could not get my telephoto lens on the D700 fast enough for a front-end shot of #7 as he pulled out. Not a big deal, as the units and consist were normal (71/133, 11 cars -- I should also mention that I was shooting slides, having 3 or 4 frames left on the roll I shot at Rochelle). So we pick up #7 mid-train, where Dummy F40 406 is nosed in to the Portland sleeper, and power unit 822 is on the rear, making for a "pull-pull" operation of the Exhibit Train. You'll note at the depot itself the new canopy and longer "half-level" platforms are all finished. I haven't been inside the depot for almost a year. My spot is, of course, beneath the ramps of the I-94/794/43 interchange (aka "Marquette Interchange," for the nearby university). in the final shot, you can see the CP train's headlights' reflection #7's locomotives. Turns out the freight was crawling as #7 had to use a crossover that conflicted with its path.

I turned back to inspect the west end of the depot before the freight got there, so just stayed there for its front end. It was one of those much-feared crude-oil trains, CP 9365 up front and NS 1092 as the rear-end DPU. I'm told neither NS nor CSX will allow rear-end DPUs on loaded oil trains, so the units would have to be shuffled in Chicago. We first learned of this when a CP train went thru here with the NS Erie Heritage unit up front and a black NS GE as rear-end DPU. By the time the DPU passed, I was out at my "Plan A" spot to shoot the DPU, and it was 4:04. Afterward, I made a bee-line for home, with hardly a traffic slowdown, to my astonishment.

One more April day was sunny, Friday the 29th. I went out to run errands, concluding with the expected on-time appearance of Amtrak #8, but once at Duplainville, CP #199 came first, with 8732/9354 at 1:33, 13 trilevel auto carriers up front followed by 119 container wells. He didn't clear the road crossing  until 1:38, upon which #8 showed up, on-time, with 117 leading and Heritage unit 156, which I hadn't seen in a while, trailing.

Meantime, there was one CN freight in each direction waiting for their turn to cross after Amtrak, Both were mixed merchandise trains, maybe #348 and #347 but i've lost track. The northbound was first, so I went up to about MP 103.75 for a shot of his power: 3008/8806 at 1:50. He had almost 200 cars, and I was surprised he held just south of the Dupy interlocking, as he might've been blocking Hwy. M toward the rear; usually they wait south of Hwy. M.

I went back into Waukesha for the southbound, clear thru town to West Ave. along "Cemetery Hill," and even with an adjustable telephoto lens, I got clouded, but shot anyway: units 2822/3056, at 2:14 with 125 cars that included 43 empty auto trilevels and probably 40 tank cars in several strings of varying length, CN's habit in recent times.

Dilly-dallying just a bit in case there was another train, perhaps a meet down at Vernon with a northbound, or more likely, a following southbound, I soon coerced a green signal southbound and set up at the depot, where the local L504's GP38 (GTW 6226) was already tied up for the day. I suspected there might be another southbound, as the 3008 North was slowing down as I left it crawling along the main beside Duplainville siding. He showed up, stack train #198, at 2:32 with units 2948/2826 and 162 wells. Note the "spare axle set" in front of 6226 on the "tie-up track." This concluded my rail photography for April, as the 30th was cloudy and occupied by the wedding/reception of TRAINS" staffer Brian Schmidt and Erica Schulz.


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