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Gulf Mobile & Ohio F3s

This string of F3s is seen in the engine terminal in the bottoms of Kansas City, MO on May 2, 1970.

This string of F3s are seen on a northbound freight in Chicago on April 21, 1963.

This string of F3s contains two variants of the F3 car body as seen in front of the joint station of the GM&O and CB&Q in Mexico, MO in April 1970.

This freight is seen southbound at Granite City, IL in Oct. 1970

This GM&O freight is southbound at Lenox Jct Tower in Mitchell, IL.

F3 #810B is seen meeting another freight with a pair of RS2s, this time with only 2 variations of the F3A carbody. This westbound is seen at Centrailia, MO on Oct. 21, 1967.

I was in Mexico, MO for the "Flying Scotsman" tour on June 30, 1970 when I caught this GM&O freight passing my location. Note that the 3 F3 A-units are all differnt, a study in the car bodies of F3s. I remarked that fact to the railfan next to me, Jim Boyd, before he became the first editor of Railfan & Railroad magazine. I had been reading Extra 2200 South since meeting Jerry Pinkapank in 1961, the locomotive identification magazine.

These F-units were seen in the engine terminal in Venice, Il on May 1, 1965.

This F3 A-unit is seen in front of the Mexico, MO station on June 30, 1970.







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