Ozark & Cherokee Central
Frisco Muskogee Branch

Muskogee, OK

Contributed by John Fike
Three Rivers Museum
Contributed by Roger Bell of Three Rivers Museum
Station foundation in 2011
Photo by Mike Condren in 2011

Paul Strang Photo
Mike Condren Photo
Former Frisco Freight House in Muskogee, OK.

Contributed by John Fike
Prior to the building of the O&CC bridge, crossing the river was done by ferry from Hyde Park.

These pictures are of the SU tower at the crossing of the SLSF and MV of the MKT. In the photo at right, note the levers which aligned the signals and switches cotrolled by the tower operator.
Contributed by Raymond Hamm

These photos were taken from SU tower and show the MV crossing the SLSF before both cross the MKT.
Contributed by Mike Sypult

The following 3/75 photos were taken of the crossing where SU tower once stood. The foundation of the tower in visible in the top photo which was taken from the former MV right-of-way, the formwer crossing sitting on the right of way. Note the gate across the SLSF track on the west side of the MKT. In the bottom photo you can see the foundation for the signal which once protected the SLSF traffic at the crossing when the tower was in operation.
Both photos by Mike Condren

The FM switcher below is one of 16 on the Frisco, all of which were used only in Oklahoma. This shot was taken in 1961 in north Muskogee.
Both photos by Mike Condren
This GP7 was switching in north Muskogee in 3/75.

Mike Condren Photo
This ex-ATSF steel caboose sits along side of the freight house in Muskogee. Frisco bought used cabooses from the Santa Fe beginning in 1970 to supplement their fleet. These ex-ATSF cabooses were randomly numbered in the 1100s in slotes left vacant due to scrapping of the earlier wood caboose of that number.

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