2000 Fair Play E7A racehorse whose fame was as a sire, sire of Man of War (Big Red)
2001 Ranger E7A horse used by Col. Henry Lee during the Revolutionary War
2002 Commanche E7A only survivor of Custer's Last Stand
2003 Steel Dust E7A famous Texas horse of the mid 19th century
2004 Dan Patch E7A “greatest harness horse in the history of the two-wheel sulky”
2005 Winchester E7A horse used by Gen. Phillip H. Sheridan during the Civil War
2006 Traveller E8A horse used by Gen. Robert E. Lee during the Civil War
2007 Whirlaway E8A winner of the 1941 Kentucky Derby      
2008 Messenger E8A English harness racer      
2009 Jet Pilot E8A winner of the 1947 Kentucky Derby      
2010 Count Fleet E8A winner of the 1943 Kentucky Derby      
2011 Gallant Fox E8A winner of the 1930 Kentucky Derby      
2012 Flying Ebony E8A winner of the 1925 Kentucky Derby      
2013 Sea Biscuit E8A 1937 top money winner. Defeated War Admiral, sired by Man-of-War.      
2014 Truxton E8A horse used by Gen. Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812      
2015 Twenty Grand E8A winner of the 1931 Kentucky Derby      
2016 Citation E8A winner of the 1948 Kentucky Derby      
2017 Pensive E8A winner of the 1944 Kentucky Derby      
2018 Ponder E8A winner of the 1949 Kentucky Derby      
2019 Cavalcade E8A winner of the 1934 Kentucky Derby      
2020 Big Red E8A nickname for famous race horse Man-of-War      
2021 Gallahadion E8A winner of the 1940 Kentucky Derby      
1st 2022 Middleground
E8A winner of the 1950 Kentucky Derby, damaged in accident      
2nd 2022 Champion
E8A movie horse of actor Gene Autry former Frisco telegrapher      

Data for this page was provided by Doug Hughes and Kenneth Wulfert of the Frisco Modeler's Information Group.

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Mike Condren
October 27, 2003