James Family History
in Pictures & Documents

by Mike Condren

William M James
Great great grandfather of Mike Condren
Mellisa (Millie) Fine James
Great great grandmother of Mike Condren

Home of Uncle Roam James, Alonzo James upstairs

Alonzo Fine James, my Great Grandfather. Magaret Georgetta Bushmiaer James, my Great Grandmother.

This picture was taken just outside of the Bushmiaer house, now occupied by the James family. Here we see the mother and six kids, l to r, Catherine (my grandmother), Freddie, Mother, baby Lonnie (Bill) in her mother's arms, Rachel, Jeese Cravens, and Tom with his wagon. For more information about the Bushmiaer home, see.

Birth cerificate of Lonnie Elizabeth (Bill) James, the sixth and last child of Alonzo and Margaret James, my great grandparents. Her father dies before she was born. Her mother died when she was 2.

These are the six James kids as adults, Rachel, Fressie, Tom, Catherine, Jeese Cravens, and Lonnie (Bill).

This is the business card of the 3rd child of Alonzo and Margaret James, my great grandparents.

"James Girls" with Gerald Hill: l to r: Katherine Hill (Gerald's mother), Rachel Darworth, Gerald Hill, Lonnie James, and Freddie James.

Tom, Pattie, and Cravens James

Tom James is seen with his son Cravens who is in his Navy uniform. Lon James son of Tom James.

James Darworth Rachel James Darworth

Freddie James, Rachel Darworth, and Katherine Hill

Rachel James Darworth (I called her "Little Auntie")

Graves of members of the James Family can be found in the Burial Grounds web site at: Alma Cemetery near Alma, AR and the Bushmiaer Cemetery near Kibler, AR.

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