Bushmiaer Family History
in Pictures & Documents

by Mike Condren

This is the trunk used by the Henry Bushmiaer Family on their journey to Arkansas from Germany in 1848

Margaretha Elisabeth Schnuky Bushmiaer
wife of Henry Bushmiaer
3rd Great Grandmother of Mike Condren

Johann (John) Friedrich Bushmiaer
2nd Great Grandfather of Mike Condren
Caroline Matilda Winckler Bushmiaer
2nd Great Grandmother of Mike Condren
Johann (John) Friedrich Bushmiaer
at a Confederate Reunion

My Great Grandmother
Margaret Georggetta Bushmiaer
before her marriage to Alonzo James
My Great Great Aunt
Katherine Bell Bushmiaer
before her marriage to S. M. Adams, DVM

William Shibley Bushmiaer Lula Brinkley Bushmiaer

Dr. Quince R. Galloway, Sr.
Dr. Quince R. Galloway, Sr. & Mary Susan Bushmiaer Galloway
Quince Jr, Wayne, Irene & Mary Galloway
Galloway Family Home on College Hill at 324 North Bates St. Van Buren, AR

Left to right: Clay Hampton (Francille's son), Brent Galloway, Lucille (Bushmiaer) Burrough, Ruth (Galloway) Taylor,Quince Galloway, Megan O'Bannon, Joan Galloway, and Bill Burrough at Bill and Lucille's home on Kibler Road on April 12, 1985.

Left to right: George E. Bushmiaer, Ruth Taylor, Carrie Bushmiaer, Quince Galloway, Nancy O)'annon with Dan, and Joan Galloway at George Bushmiaer's farm in Kibler, AR on April 12, 1985.
Two Grandchildren of Thomas & Elizabeth Bushmiaer: Qunice Galloway & Ruth (Galloway) Taylor in front of their grandparents log cabin, corner of Kibler Road & road to Peck Bros. Greenhouses.

Graves of members of the Bushmiaer Family can be found in the Burial Grounds web site at: Bushmiaer Cemetery near Kibler, AR.

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