Adams Family History
in Pictures & Documents

by Mike Condren

S. M., Kate Bushmiaer, and Margaret Adams; W.A., Maggie, Helen, and Caroline Bushmiaer; and George and W. M. Winkler

One of Doc Admas patients with its owner.

Sydnor M. (Doc) Adams DVM
2nd Great Grand Uncle of Mike Condren
Kathrine Bell Bushmiaer Adams
2nd Great Grand Aunt of Mike Condren
After the death of her sister, Magaret Georgetta Bushmiaer James, Kate and Doc became the legal Guardians for two of her daughters 6 children, the oldest Catherine (my grandmother Hill) and youngest Lonnie *Bill" James. They were raised with their own daughter, Margaret, as their own chuldren. I knew Kate as "Big Auntie". Doc died before I was born. Kate died when I was 12.

Nan Adams, wife of Reves Adams, son of Doc Adams from his first marriage.

Left to right: Katherine Hill, Margaret Cloe Hill, Mrs. Lourves, Craves James, and Katherine Adams

James & Rachel Darworth (Little Auntie), Kate Adams (Big Auntie), and Katherine Hill (Katy)

At the time of this article, Kate Adams was the oldest living member of the First Presbyterian Church in Alma, AR.

Margaret Adams

Lonnie "Bill" James is seen at her desk in the office of the Farmers Home Administration in the Crawford County Court House in Van Buren.

Margaret Adams at her desk in the Commercial Bankon June 30, 1967.

Lonnie (Bill) James, Quince Galloway and Margaret Adams on April 14, 1985.

Margaret Adams in her later years.

Graves of members of the Adams Family can be found in the Burial Grounds web site at: Alma Cemetery near Alma, AR.

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