Midland Valley Shops, Excelsior, AR, 1906

Midland Valley Shops, Excelsior, AR
"Those in the photo are Oscar Plunkett, Bill Spearman, Claude Nancy, Lank Pigg, Ed Milam, Grady Phillips, Charles Gordon, Bill Larue and others unidentified."

Contributed by John Dill
Midland Valley Shops, Excelsior, AR
Eugene Pogue, E.T. Pogue, R. P Fuller, Will Hall, Clarence Knox, E. Scott, Rhett Milam, Jim Clark, Harley Eller.

Louis Marre Collection
MO&G 303 with entire Muskogee Shops crew,1915.

This view of the Midland Valley shops was taken in 1961.

Midland Valley Shops, Shopton (Muskogee), OK in 1975

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