KO&G F7s

These units were bought for run through service from Kansas City to Ft. Worth using MP, KO&G, and T&P rails using a common paint scheme.
EMD Lithograph Card

These EMD 8"x10" prints are of the F-7s before they left the factory in LaGrange, IL.
EMD Photos, contributed by Daniel Schroeder

The units are seen on their maiden trip.
Contributed by Pat Ferry

Glenn Young/Raymond Hamm Collection

Here we see the first of the KO&G F7As wearing Jenks blue at Muskogee, OK 1/2/63. Note that the second unit is still in the Eagle colors.
J. David Ingles Photo

KO&G F7A, #752, wearing Eagle colors at Muskogee, OK 6/20/63.
Louis Marre Collection

KO&G F7A, #753, is seen inside the backshop at Muskogee, OK 12/27/59.
Louis Marre Collection

Here we see the last of the KO&G F7As, #754, wearing Eagle colors and coupled to another of the A-units at Muskogee, OK 1/2/63. Note that there is still a third F-unit in Eagle colors behind the two A-units. This is the opposite end of the string with the #751 in Jenks blue, pictured above.
J. David Ingles Photo

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