Ft. Smith/Van Buren Frisco Passenger Trains

John Fink(?) Photo, contributed by Jack Austerman
This shows a southbound Frisco train at Union Station. I suspect that it was taken by John Fink when documenting the abandonment of the FS&W, late 1930s.

Louis A. Marre Collection
Frisco train #710(?) with motorcar #2124 is northbound into Ft. Smith Union Station, 5/14/43.

Charles E. Winters Photo, Louis A. Marre Collection
Frisco Pacific #1049 on train #710(?) northbound at South "K" Street, 8/2/44.

R.F.Collins Photo, Louis A. Marre Collection
Frisco train #710(?) northbound at the south switch of Copp siding outside of Van Buren, 8/16/44.

Earl Saunders Photo, Mike Condren Collection
Frisco train #705 southbound from Ft. Smith, note the First National Bank building in the distance on the right.

Mike Condren Collection

Louis A. Marre Collection
Pictured here is the last Frisco #709 leaving for Paris, TX, 1/31/58. After this date service ended at the Frisco Station at the foot of Garrison, Ave.

Louis A. Marre Photo, Mike Condren Collection
Both E7s assigned to Ft. Smith for maintenance are leading train #710 on 8/8/60. One of the E7s will return to Ft. Smith in the morning while the second E7 will lead the Wtchita train west from Monet. At the time a single E7 would leave Ft. Smith one night with train #710 and continue to Wichita. The engine would then return through Monet to Ft. Smith before starting the trip again.

Mike Condren Photo
Frisco train #731 waits to leave Ft. Smith, 8/62

Mike Condren Photo
Frisco train #710 preparing to leave Ft. Smith for Monett, MO and a connection with train #10, "Meteor" on its Oklahoma City to St. Louis journey.

Mike Condren Photo
We see Train #710 with the 4 cars, including the soon to be discontinured sleeper, as they pass Copp siding in Van Buren, in 5/63..

Louis A. Marre Collection
The switch is assembling train #710 at the Ft. Smith station. The extra cars are fior Frisco officials attending the Board of Directors meeting at Ft. Smith, 7/1/63.

Mike Condren Photo
Later in the day, we see Train #710 passing Copp siding with the 4 business cars on the rear.

Louis A. Marre Collection
Frisco GP7 526 is ready to lead train #710 north to Monett, 8/23/63. Let us hope that it was not too hot that night as this Geep does not have a steam generator for the steam activated air conditioners.

Louis A. Marre Collection
Frisco GP7s #600 and 603 are coupled to train #710 for the trip north to Monet, MO, 12/6/63.

Mike Condren Photo
Frisco train #710 meets a very late train #731 in Van Buren

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