Mike Condren Photos
Rio Grande

These engines are in the engine terminal of North Yard in Denver on March 29, 1976 as seen from the dome of the "Rio Grande Zephyr".

This GP9 is in the engine terminal at Alamosa, CO on April 1, 1976..

This GP9 was in the engine terminal at Alamosa, CO on August 13, 1972.

This GP9 was at Antonito, CO on August 1, 1976.

This train is leaving Salida and is headed up the Monarch Branch to the limestone mines on August 14, 1972.

This train is in Alamosa on April 1, 1976.

This local is seen arriving in Garrard, CO on April 1, 1976. It then proceeded to pickup 2 carloads of wood chips.

These GP9s are bringing the first cut of drop bottom gondolas down from the limestone mines on the Monarch Branch for use in the steel mills in Colorado Springs on August 8, 1972.

This GP( is in Canon City, CO on August 14, 1972.

Hard Hats and Steel Toed Shoes
Watch your Step

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