Chama Steam Trains

Photos by Mike Condren

After leaving Durango, COin August 1972, we drove to Antonito, CO. I shot this train arriving at Antonito from Chama. We will ride this train to Chama the next day.
I shot this picture of our train in Antonito, CO before we left. We will ride this train to Chama.
We rode the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad from there to Chama, NM.
The stop at the Cumbres Pass station.

On may 29, 1980, we stopped at Bill Peters' hobby shop in Chama, NM. The first thing that Bill said to me was "Are you here to chase the snow plow working on Cumbres Pass?" I said "Goodbye" and headed to the top of Cumbres Pass. We followed the plow and its 2 steam engine pushers until they took water at Los Pinos tank where the track left the parallel highway. In one word WOW! Unfortunately, the automatic setting failed in the bright reflection from the snow.

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