CSX C40-8Ws

Photos by Mike Condren

CSX #7748 leads a BNSF intermodal aided by a pair of former BN units in Rochelle, IL on May 23, 2007.

About that time CSX dispatcher AY tells a westbound CSX train that it has permission to enter Main 2 to Aulon and then track 103 to KC Jct.

A pair of CSX GEs lead a vehicle train for Aulon.

The CSX train picks up speed as it clears the switch to Leewood Yard. It will be close if it works.

This eastbound CSX run through was spotted at Lenox by the UP crew that brought it to Memphis, 7/15/08.

This eastbound CSX train sat on the Illinois side of the river for the better part of an hour awaiting a slot through the busy Vincennes, IN plant. After the last car passed I tried to give chase throught the city and found out why they wait in the farm land where there are no crossings to block. Apparently the west side of the river was once the current side as the round pier suggests that once there was a turn span for river traffic. Just off the bridge, the line crosses a little uses industrial spur that runs along the levee, 8/1/08.

A westbound UP train was led by a pair of CSX units as seen here at 4th Street in Van Buren, AR, 8/4/08.

In the first picture, we see the conductor walking to the box to request a signal for his train to depart north bound out of Van Buren. We then see the train approaching the "spring switch", 8/4/08 .

One neat thing about this site is that each of the three tracks has signals in BOTH directions visible from the bridge. There is no reason to be surprised if you pay attention to the signals. That said, SURPRISE!!! This CSX led a west bound freight while our east bound is still passing.

This northbound freight stopped for refueling at the Main Street refueling station in Van Buren, AR on March 17, 2014.

The next train was this SB one led by a CSX unit.

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