Mike Condren Photos
Chicago Burlington & Quincy
Steam Locos on Display

This loco is on display in Trinadad, CO on March 28, 1976.

This 2-8-0 is on display in Leadville, CO on Aug. 7, 1972.
and on Aug. 8, 1972.

This "ten wheeler" is on display in Council Bluffs, IA on May 26, 1973.

This "Hudson" is displayed outside of the station in Galesburg, IL on July 13, 1968.

When we headed to the Colorado Railroad Museum, we could not see the Rocky Mountains. Soon we discovered why. By the time we got to the museum on March 28, 1976 it was snowing quite heavily..

On my next visit there, the weather was much nicer on Aug. 4, 1972.


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