Amtrak Digital Photos Part 5
by Mike Condren

Friday July 20, 2012
Ride Amtrak Chicago to Milwaukee

The clouds had given way to clear skies before we reached Milwaukee where I shot the head-end of our train.

Saturday July 21, 2012
Amtrak Grand Rapids to Chicago

Here is the power for our "Pere Marquite" from Grand Rapids.

My next action was this eastbound Amtrak on the center track.
The going away shows a westbound Metra on the near track.

My next train was the Amtrak "California Zephyr" westbound with the private car "Southern #1" on the rear.

The Amtrak "Southwest Chief" is seen rushing through Riverside on its journey west.

Then we get this eastbound Amtrak.

Sunday July 22, 2012 Ride Chicago to St. Louis

This train was on a track toward the River on the south end of Union Station.

Upon returning to our car, I find that the "Texas Eagle" has now backed into our track in Union Station.

The Amtrak "Cardinal" arrived on the track next to us with its extra equipment from Beech Grove Shop.

This train was on an adjoining track as we left Union Station.

Our train is seen weaving out of Union Station.

Here we see the whole train as it rounds this curve.

My trip ended in the Amtrak station. Here we see the engine being refueled.

Some station scenes in St. Louis.

Monday July 23, 2012

With the trip over, I prepared to leave for Memphis to finish our move to OK. However, I noticed the "Texas Eagle" making its early morning arrival.

Here comes the northbound "City of New Orleans" on March 16, 2013.

The next train was the southbound "City of New Orleans".

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