Amtrak's "Texas Eagle" Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

When the DGNO fright cleared, Amtrak "Texas Eagle" is waiting for a signal on the wrong track to enter the station.
July 19, 2012
Amtrak from St. Louis, MO to Chicago
The northbound "Texas Eagle" is seen arriving on time.

A BNSF unit coal train is seen passing us and the Amtrak station as the "Texas Eagle" begins pushing back to couple us onto the rear.

The Amtrak conductor is seen directing his train towards our car.

One of the Kansas City trains is seen passing tower which controlled all movements at St. Louis Union Station as seen from the vestibule end of the Cimarron River.

This Amtrak train is seen sitting in the yard west of the station as seen from the vestibule end of the Cimarron River, now part of the "Tesas Eagle".

The Cimarron River is seen on the reat of the "Texas Eagle" in the station. On eht next track is an annuled Chicago train. All trains to Chicago except the Eagle are annuled due to track work on the normal route. The Eagle detours over the C&EI, adding 1.5 hr minimum to the length of the trip.

We are finally on our way climbing the hill toward "Gratiot Tower" and the MacArthur Bridge over the Mississippi River.

Next we met the southbound Amtrak #21

We now see our train heading into Chicago.

This train was on a track toward the River on the south end of Union Station.

Upon returning to our car, I find that the "Texas Eagle" has now backed into our track in Union Station.

The Amtrak "Cardinal" arrived on the track next to us with its extra equipment from Beech Grove Shop.

This train was on an adjoining track as we left Union Station.

Our train is seen weaving out of Union Station.

Here we see the whole train as it rounds this curve.

My trip ended in the Amtrak station. Here we see the engine being refueled.

Some station scenes in St. Louis.

Monday July 23, 2012

With the trip over, I prepared to leave for Memphis to finish our move to OK. However, I noticed the "Texas Eagle" making its early morning arrival.

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